Will My CPU bottleneck my GPU

Just order a e5XXX at 2.50ghz 800 mhz fsb will it still bootleg 2x9600gso 384mb in SLI

Currently using Pentium 4 ht 3.40ghz lol

-------PC SPEC------

CPU: Pentium 4 3.40 GHz 800mhz fsb with Hyperthreading Enabled ( Soon to be replaced by E5200 2.5ghz 800mhz fsb)
MotherBoard: Asus P5n-e SLI
RAM: 3.5gig 2x1gb OCZ Camo 800mhz ram 1gb crap make 512 crap make DDR2
PSU: G7 680w Power extreme PSU
HDD1:80gb system HDD windows 7 Proffesional
HDD2:250gb Storage
Graphics:9600gso x 2 in SLI
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  1. No. The E5200 @ 2.5GHz should be fine. Even at stock, you should be ok, but the E5x00 series are VERY overclockable.

    You can get it to 3.0-3.2GHz with no voltage change and the stock cooler. It can reach around 3.6GHz at only slightly above stock voltages and with a cheap aftermarket cooler (I use a cheap $12 thermaltake cooler). It can also hit 4.0GHz with some effort and voltage changes.
  2. your question?

    no the wolfdale won't bottleneck those just OC the processor
  3. so will i beable to push it to 3.00ghz ~ without needed 2 mess with a new heatsink/fan or the voltage, just alter the Xmultiplier?
  4. no the e5200 is awesome you can often go up to 3.2 ish without any messing with voltage settings, that too with stock fan after 3.2 you want to use an after market cooler
  5. yep, the E5200 runs cool even on the stock cooler, and can OC great without any voltage bumps.

    You can do a 1GHz overclock while staying within stock voltages and a cheap aftermarket cooler. My OCed E5300 runs on a $12 thermaltake cooler.
  6. suppose i shall push it to about 3.00~ then since i dont have any money left to buy anything else, i upgraded CPU , GPU and PSU, when i have money next will be the RAM i have 4 sticks but two are OCZ 800mhz and the other are like 667 and 444 lol ... so im gonna purchase two mor 800mhz to get duel channel working
  7. you can also OC the OCZ RAM how much are they? like 2 or 4 gigs
  8. Just use the 800MHz RAM and run it in dual channel. You don't want the 444 slowing everything down.
  9. Just make sure you get that stock intell heatsink mounted properly. They can be a bit tricky. My brother had the same chip and could not figure out why it would not OC and when he checked the heat sink it was not even making contact with the cpu because of the design.
  10. i have 4x sticks of 1gb, but only two are OCZ ( 800mhz) the rest are like 677 and 444 or w/e lol i am using Windows 7 64, so shall i just use 2gb or 4 still ?
  11. Overclocked my CPU from 800mhz (2.5) to 900 (2.8) with like 2degrees difference on temp lol think i can push it too 1000mhz without it heating to much?
  12. I have two 9600GSO in sli also, idle the temp on GPU 1 is around 65 and the second is like 85 :S.... this is very high or are they like that as i know sum are
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