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Hi i recently was upgrading the hard drive on an old computer and i also cleaned the cpu heat sink while i was at it. Now my computer won't start. When i flip the power switch on the back it powers up the fans and hard disks for a few seconds and then nothing. I know the motherboard has power since there is a light on it.

My question is, did I break it since I didn't use an anti static wrist band?
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  1. How did you clean the CPU heat sink?
    Did you 'wiggle test' all the cables to make sure they are securely attached?
    Did you replace an IDE hard disk with a SATA HD? Using WinXP SP1?
  2. try popping in and out the ram, sometimes the computer wont boot if the ram isn't properly installed. How did you "clean the cpu heat sink"?
  3. When you cleaned the CPU, did you remove it along with the heatsink?
  4. For the heatsink i just unmouted it and used a vacum to get rid of all the dust. The hard disk is SATA just like the old one and right now I am still using the old hard disk which has windows XP SP3 on it but I don't think that matters since the computer doesn't turn on when i press the front power button. It only briefly comes on when i flip the the PSU switch, and even then I'm not sure what its doing since there's no output on the screen. Lastly should i reinstall the cpu? I put it back in the same way and secure it with the lever, is there a chance i made a mistake there?

    Also yes i did remove the CPU along with the heat sink.
    @WR2: What do you mean by the wiggle test? I'm pretty sure all connection are secure but i can check again.

    Thanks any help
  5. But was the CPU stuck to the heatsink when you removed it? If so, the CPU may have gotten damaged. When you put it back in, did you check to see if any of the pins were bent? Also, did you at least touch the power supply with your hand before you touched the CPU? You should have done that since you said that you did not have an anti-static wrist strap.
  6. No sorry if i wasn't clear, what I ment was that i took of the heat sink and then the CPU and no i wasn't stuck on. I didn't touch the PSU but because I thought contentiously touching the case would be enough since its all unpainted metal on the inside.
  7. Also I just got the front power button to work again. Windows XP boots for a couple of seconds now button the computer just suddenly shuts down after only 5 seconds.
  8. have you tried my RAM trick? I know it sounds stupid but i spent a few hours after assembling a computer trying to get it to start until i figured out the ram wasn't sitting perfectly...
  9. OK i think i know what might be wrong. I think I need new thermal paste since the old one all dried up and sparse and now my bios is telling me the computer shut down last time becasue of a thermal event (also got an auditory warning)
  10. anyone else got an opinion on this? I does the cpu really heat up that fast? Its and old P4 3Ghz but still i thought the heat sink was mainly there for when computer was on for a while and that the cpu would gradualy get hotter.

    One final question: can anyone guide my to something where it says how to replace the thernal paste? I've never done it before so it would be nice to have a guide.

    Thanks again everyone, I already love Toms hardware forums :)
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