Resident Evil 5 is not scaling with 4890 crossfire

I just built a 4890 crossfire system and I'm very happy with it because I get killer frame rates with Far Cry 2.

However, when I run Resident Evil 5 in crossfire, I get less frame rates than when I use just one 4890. From what I can gather, this should be fixed with new ATI drivers when they come out. However, I was wondering how other people are currently taking advantage of the second video card in crossfire setup for this game.

Can someone tell me detailed procedures on how to get Resident Evil 5 to use the second video card in crossfire?

My rig:

MSI P55-GD 65
Intel Core i5 Lynnfield 750 2.66 GHZ
EK Memory DDR3-1600 2GB x 2
XFX 4890 1 GB
XFX 4890 1 GB
WD 1TB Caviar Black SATA 2 7200 RPM
Gigabyte Odin Pro 800W

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
ATI Catalyst 9.10
Resident Evil 5 DX 10
1920 x 1200
Vsync on
AA 8
Motion Blur on

Single Card - avg 52.7 fps
Crossfire - avg 50.1 fps

- Jonathan
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  1. Have you tested other games too? Rather than FarCry 2 ?
  2. No. I get good enough frame rates with other games, so I didn't try crossfire vs single card. On Far Cry 2, I definitely see scaling.

    Far Cry 2 DX10
    1920 x 1200
    Ultra High

    Single Card - avg 47.53 fps
    Crossfire - avg 81.93 fps
  3. Have you tried patching the game ? also try with older drivers like Cat 9.8/9.9 and see if it helps
  4. Best answer
    is the locked framerate setting on? AKA VSync?
  5. jay2tall said:
    is the locked framerate setting on? AKA VSync?

    Yeah, that was it. Thanks!

    Turning on the Vsync limits the avg fps below 60.

    I have the new results.

    Resident Evil 5 DX10
    1920 x 1200
    Vsync off
    AA 4
    Motion Blur on

    Single Card - avg 63.1 fps
    Crossfire - avg 122 fps

    On a side note, apparently I was running Far Cry 2 with Vsync off which allowed for fps > 60 and showed good crossfire scaling. Turning the Vsync off for RE5 does the same.
  6. Yeah Vsync will lock the frame rate at the same refresh rate of your display. if your display was 85Hz it would try and lock the FPS at that. Realistically you won't see a difference at anything higher than 60FPS. The goal is to be able to keep your FPS at or above your refresh rate. So "technically" you won't visually see a difference with a 2nd card in residen evil 5.

    Thanks for the best answer!
  7. I always forget about the V-sync since i always disable it :P but yes when you want to use CrossFire,turn off the V-sync so it won't lock the FPS :)
    Glad it worked for you :)
  8. Some games just look beter with vsync on. COD4 always studdered with vsync off for me, even at like 80FPS. But Vsync at 60FPS was smooth as butter. Some games are weird like that.
  9. Yes you are right,in COD4 with V-sync on it performs smoother but i don't use V-sync in COD because i need higher jumps :P plus since i always test new catalyst drivers,i turn off V-sync to check max FPS
  10. ^ yeah i do the same thing. And each game if different. As long as its smooth as butter I don't care if the FPS stays at 60.
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