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I have recently purchased a Netgear wireless-N modem router; connected it by wire to my pc. and installed the software. When I tried to connect wireless to my ps3 I received a message: DNS error 807etc any answers, also my pc doesn't always connect straight away to my modem sometimes saying ' cannot find modem', do I have to uninstall old speedtouch modem software?
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  1. Is this Netgear wireless router actually a modem too, or really just a wireless router? There are very few routers that come w/ an integrated modem these days. So normally you would continue using the same modem as before. If you don't know for sure, providing the model # of that Netgear router would help.

    As far as the DNS error, it’s always possible that particular DNS server is having problems. Most routers allow you specify alternate DNS servers in place of the defaults provided by your ISP. Two that come to mind are OpenDNS ( and ) and Verizon ( and Or you can probably update just the PS3 to use these alternate DNS servers if you find that easier (in that case it would only affect the PS3).
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