Old Rig But Newer GFX Card Slow Performance (Need Help)

Well basically I purchased a Pavilion t480.uk about 8 years ago, and decided recently to get a bit of an upgrade. I got myself a ATI Saphire 3850 AGP as it was one of the best and last AGP's of its time, along with a new power supply to support it.

But my current issue is when I first purchased the pc it had an ATI Radeon 9600 which played games quite well, but in this case we will say it play World of Warcraft quite well just for example. It ran in medium settings with no problems maybe a slight loss of fps but nothing major.

Now when I play World of warcraft I have to run it at low settings and the load lag I get ingame is insane! A friend of mine said its because my CPU is to slow for the GPU and that I should use ingame commands to limit the frames to 40 which helped a lot... But that aside I dont see the point in a better GFX card that isn't actually doing any better than an old 9600...

Now im not certain thats my issue as im not exactly very good at PC hardware but if that is what's happening then my main issue is what kind of motherboard and chip would I need to improve it...

I have had a look about but without a clue on what to look for? So ill list my current spec's of my rig to see what you guys would suggest would help as I cant afford a new machine I would just want to add a few more years to it.

OS: Windows XP
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+, MMX, 3DNow 2.0GHz
Memory: 1gb
PSU: Corshair 550watt

And I had to search the HP site for my motherboard as I didnt know how to find out what it was any other way.


But go easy on the terminology guys I only know the basics of Pc hardware lol
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  1. increase memory to 4gb and did you do a clean install of xp after you put in the 3850?
  2. Yeah and also didnt have much choice the first PSU i got with the GFX card was generic which worked well for a day before it blew and took my HDD's with it.
  3. then its your cpu limiting you
  4. So is there any good AGP motherboards that would support a better chip?
  5. i dunno haven't been keeping up to date with agp boards but maybe you could get a better cpu for your board?
    or try and overclock the one you have
  6. Well the best i can get for my board is an Athlon64 3400+ Processor (2.2 GHz) which doesnt sound like much of an upgrade worth investing in.
  7. yeah but an overclock could be feasible on your current cpu
  8. How would i go about overclocking it? and has that any dangers to other hardware in my pc? because to be honest it overheats as it is. So i would need a better cooler for it?
  9. yeah if things are already hot a new cooler will help and an extra fan or 2, as for danger nothing more then what you currently have
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