Newegg says i3 and i5 32nm Cpus only work on H55 mobo.

I saw newegg on jan 7, when CES started, and 32nm cpus launched. Newegg put down, and still has it, after i told them in a chat last night, Sunday, that the 32nm cpus i3 and i5, can run on my P7P55D-E mobo, and other mobos, and i think i saw it at Gigabyte site too. Wow, they still have it. Once they Know, they should newegg, like remove that from the cpu item description (it's in red writing). Maybe someone wants to run a 32nm dual core on a P55 board, with a graphics card (you don't gotta use the onboard chip graphics). I have to announce this here, cuz this is the coolest place (duh, didn't know that already). BTW, i bought a 540 i3 somewhere, and i look forward to post it with the high def onboard graphics. Am i getting old? I still do like it, to see it post. 32nm sounds cool. No new 32nm quads for us i5 750 people in 2010, they say. Oh, well, that's ok. My i5 750 is the first cpu i have a 3 year Intel warranty on (i have 2 i5 750's, and they are cool.
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    Newegg wants to be sure it's combo deals are compatable (but sometimes they aren't). And some boards may require a bios flash to work, so the egg takes the safe approach and simply recommends against using the 32 nm cpus for this board. But you're right; they may not have time to update the specs are just too lazy to do it.
  2. I've got Asus P7P55D-E 6g board, and Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P board, and i looked at gigabyte ga-p55-ud4p/ non-6g, and all of them can use all the 1156 cpus. btw, it was cool to research thr socket, and cpus, and boards too, to see that 1156 socket can run 1156 cpu, period, and i trusted newegg, but that was a loop, it seems. Like the egg tells me, we don't have tech knowledge here / omg, i'm sorry. But, they must Know, cuz they're newegg-ing. Have an Eggcellent day (mr. egg on the face (haha). cheers to tom's peoples.
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  4. the h55 chipset is necessary to utilise the onboard graphics, the p55 boards will use the cpu, but the graphics will be useless
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