Core unlocking MSI 785GM-E51 & Phenom II X2 555

Just built a system with an MSI 785GM-E51 and Phenom II X2 555. Was wondering if anyone has been successfull in unlocking this chip with this MB, I have not yet.

I've set the ACC to auto, system boots up but does not register as a quad core.
I've also set ACC to auto and (I believe the EC firmware) to "special" at which point it begins to boot into windows and then resets itself.

This is my first attempt at unlocking so any help/information/links would be greatly appreciated. System performs great now, but would be a steal if I could unlock one or two of the other cores

Windows XP SP3
Phenom II X2 555 BE
MSI 785GM-E51
Patriot DDR3 1333 2x1GB
Seagate HDD 160 GB 7200RPM
Antec 300 Case, 3(120mm) fans
Antec 380W 80Cert

Upgrade Soon (Graphics Card)

My Budget build came in at $330.00
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  1. Besides setting ACC to AUTO, you might also have to enable "Unlock CPU Core". This should be just above ACC in the BIOS.
  2. Do you have a "Hybrid" choice in the EC Firmware setting?
  3. I have not seen that setting. Its as obsolete99 says there is an "unlock cpu core" setting, which i thought might be the EC firmware setting, and I have two choices "enable" and "special". I've tried both in conjunction with setting the ACC to "enable". When using the special setting I start to boot into windows and just before it fully loads my comp resets itself. Other wise having both the ACC and unlock cpu core has produced no fruit. I have Bios version 2.4 and have noticed a version 2.5. I will dig a little deeper when I get back into town and see what other settings I have available.
    Thank you for your response.
  4. Set the ACC to auto. Unlock cpu core to special. If this isn't working you may have to downgrade your BIOS and try again.
  5. Thank you for your responses, sorry for the incomplete information. What I've got so far in settings
    Cell Menu
    Unlock CPU core
    All cores
    Cores %
    Per core
    core 1 %
    core 2 %
    core 3 %
    core 4 %
    CPU core control
    Core 1
    Core 2

    I've tried setting the unlock cpu core to "special" and the ACC to "Auto" but no luck booting fully into windows. When I went back into bios it was registering as an Phenom II x4 b55 If i saw that right.
    I'm currently using Bios version 2.4 they most recently released 2.5. So should I upgrade? or Downgrade as mosox suggests? Also not sure how to upgrade/downgrade the bios. MSI does include a "live update 4 bios" update utility, but could that also be used to downgrade if thats what's needed? Any links, information, suggestions are appreciated.
    Again thank you all for your input.
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    Well, those should be the only two settings needing change unless you want to up the voltage. As you saw, it registered as an X4. This makes me think that one, if not, both of the unlocked cores is bad. Unlocking both cores isn't a guaranteed thing, but maybe you can make it an X3.

    In the BIOS, leave ACC and Unlock CPU Core as you have them and set "CPU Core Control" to manual, then reboot. Go back into CPU Core Control the BIOS, does it show four cores? If so, leave #3 enabled and disable #4. Try to boot into windows. If it doesn't work, try disabling #3 and enabling #4. If one of those works for you, you know a core is bad and which one. Also, don't forget to test the stability afterward and use a cooler other than the stock one if you plan on keeping it unlocked.

    As far as changing the BIOS, use the tool provided in the MSI forum, all you need is an USB thumb drive and the option to boot from it. I've used it a few times without any problems, it's much safer than trying to use Live Update. Just read over the directions and you should be set.

    BIOS Flashing Tool
    BIOS Versions

    Good luck...
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  8. It's been awhile, but thanks for all your responses. I was able to unlock this chip in the fashion that Obsolete99 recommended and was able to get a Tri-core. The 4th core must have been unstable because it would not boot when it was enabled. Disabled the 4th and enabled the 3rd and now I've got a tri. Very happy! Not sure what software I can find that will allow me to monitor the CPU temp?? Did not update the BIOS, but should probably start thinking about an aftermarket CPU cooler and running a stress test to see if it's going to be stable, probably a good idea to do both before I try to overclock it. Pretty happy indeed MB and CPU combo for $104, unlocked to a Tri-core and overclocking around the corner all in all I feel like I got a great deal.

    Antec 300 Case ($50)
    Antec 380W 80 cert PSU ($40)
    MSI 785GM-E51 & Phenom II X2 555 ($104) Combo
    ASUS DVD-RW ($24)
    Seagate HDD 7200RPM 160GB ($36)
    ATI 5670 512MB ($89)
    Patriot DDR3 1333MHZ 2GB ($45)
    Windows XP Professional

    Budget build Tri-core.....($390)
  9. Thanks for the vote...

    Definitely stress test it, try using Prime95 for at least a couple hours. It's a good idea to get an aftermarket cooler, especially if overclocking. The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ performs well and is usually reasonably priced. As far as getting software to report CPU temps, not so easy. Once a CPU is unlocked it tends to be unreadable by temperature software. Even the Tom's X2 555 vs G6950 article mentioned something like it.
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