Portable Harddrive - Verbatim model vs WD model (recommendations)

I'm going to be getting a portable hard disk drive. I've narrowed my selection down to two models. I was hoping some users could comment on their experiences with either of the models. Any specific reasons why I might want to pick one over the other?

Verbatim - Store 'n' Go 500GB (model 97397)
Western Digital - My Passport Essential 500GB (model WDBACY5000ABK-NESN)

I'll be using it strictly as a "backup" disk. I'll be putting music and documents onto the drive in case my computer's hard drive dies. The most important criteria for me are

1. High Quality construction, reliability, & performance
2. Quietness
3. Ability to just plug it in and have the computer see a hard drive. I don't want to HAVE to install software.

Although not essential, I'd also prefer that the USB cable also provide power so I don't need to have a power cable and USB cable attached to the drive. Speed and cost are not that important. If one drive better meets all 3 of my preferred criteria but costs more and is slower, I'll still buy that drive.

thanks for any help anyone can provide :)
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  1. To nrundy,
    I would also like to know this answer - did you find which one was best for you in the end?
    Also, my interest is in the reliability,performance and not having to install software.
    Please could you get in touch asap, thank you :)
  2. Go with the Verbatim!

    WD has proprietary software you can't get rid of.

    Verbatim does not force unwanted software on the user, has longest warranty, and is very reliable with great performance.
  3. Go with ANYTHING other that the WD passport. Just lost 500 gb of data off the 1 tb drive. iT MAGICALLY lost it's partition.
  4. Hello,
    I got 2x Verbatim-s and 2x HDD-s
    The Verbatim ones are older and never had issues. The two WD ones freeze, disconnect, lost data, often windows don't see them...I had to backup data (as much as I could save) to re-format them. Windows Tools/check for errors...couldn't solve the problems. No WD again ever.
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