Is INNO3D a good GPU brand?

Im thinking of getting a GTX285 from this GPU maker.... thats whats readily available from where I am so is this a decent or reliable GPU?
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  1. get 5850 instead, and dont ask google.
  2. rescawen said:
    get 5850 instead, and dont ask google.

    lol.... 5850? I know its actually better than a GTX285 in terms of Bench and FPS for certain games. I just have had 3 straight Nvidia cards and am used to their drivers and most of my games are meant to be played with yours truly..... hehe. Look at the Green Dragon.......
  3. Just because nVidia is promoted in some of the games you play doesn't mean it performs better in them. Look at all the benchmarks. Even Crysis, which nVidia sponsored, is ran better on the new ATI cards.

    But to answer your question, INNO3D is a decent manufacturer. If you really have to get a GTX 285, I'd stick with XFX, eVGA, and BFG for their support services and warranty.
  4. imo, they are lousy. workmanship and packaging has a lot to improve. i've owned 3 cards from them, fx5200 and 9800gt, gts 250. i'd rather go with palit if i were you(assuming palit is also available from where you are), they are priced the same and palit feels and looks much better.. im guessing palit overclocks better too?
  5. no dont! my past inno3d cards gave up and so does my friend's. i suggest go with palit.
  6. ^You should really get a 5870 instead of the GTX285. My buddy who has a 285 is jealous of my 5870.. he wants to come over tonight and touch it. haha. But the 285 has advantages over the 5850 in some cases, but I am not aware of any areas that the 5870 doesn't excel over the 285.
  7. i got the 5850 anyway after having 5 Nvidia cards
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