Looking for a 256MB or 512MB DDR Dimm, any speed. Also need a decent (like a Radeon 8500 / GF3 or newer) 4X agp card with 64MB or more. Prefer money order but have assorted RAM, drives, processors, older moboards, etc., for possible trade. Please reply or PM with any offers, looking to make a purchase asap! -Jon
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  2. You have a PM. Hey if he wants to buy here, let him place his offers here...
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  4. I don't have a PM BTW...did you send me one?

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  5. No, I sent sys49152 one. You know everyone always tells me that I am such a serious person and need a "humor" check. What do you think?
  6. Got my DDR RAM from Clarentavious on Saturday and my new MSI 64MB TI4200 from came in today, so I am good to go. Still looking to pick up another 256MB or 512MB of DDR RAM at a decent price, if anyone out there has some to sell, just PM me.

    Thanks for the super-smooth transaction, Clarentavious! Let me know when you have any other parts for sale.

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