I cant figure out whats wrong.

Ok so first off le me say im not very computer savy. I did however build my current computer about 2 years ago and I havent had any major problems until now.My problem is that my computer is real slow.I know some of it is with my crappy verizon dsl internet but even when im just playing games on my computer (old games that dont require much to play) its still real slow. And trying to watch video streams online is totally out of the question as it freezes up constantly. Now since its been awhile since I built my system im not totaly sure what is in it but I do have some specs for you. My MB is nforce 630i 7150 socket 775 ddr2 800mhz themb is newer as i was having trouble with my last one. my cpu is intel celeron 2.6ghz. i have 4gb of ram and am running widows 7 64bit. my lowest rating in the windows rating sysstem is my cpu at 3.4 my ram is 4.6 my graphics is 5.2 my gaming graphics is 4.2 and my hard drive is 5.7. Im on a bit of a budget so I cant get to crazy all at once but I want to get my system running better. I usually on watch streams on justin.tv and I play Runescape ( I know that game is old but still its good cheap way to pass the time).Im wanting to get some other games for the computer but since i cant really get it to do anything now i dont see the point. Also when I was checking my drivers it says the one for my co-cpu is not found but I cant get any to download I even went to nvideas website and downloaded latest driver update but it says its corrupted.
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  1. have you run a virus scan? sounds like you have a malware or spyware infection. do you have an active firewall/antivirus?

    it may be easier to do a format and re-install of the OS. i recommend doing this at least once a year to save your computer being bogged down with unneeded bloatware. no matter how well you take care of your pc, it will eventually lose performance due to unwanted background programs and disk fragmentation.
  2. i have avg 8.5 running on my computer and i formatted my computer about 3 months ago and nothing changed.
  3. If you reformatted your hard drive and re-installed from scratch (not from a mirror backup) then the problem is likely your hardware. I'd recommend a new CPU. The 775 supports P4s. If you don't want to build a new system (which would be the logical choice) I'd look at something like this: http://www.geeks.com/products_sc.asp?cat=277

    As for your streaming video locking up, what browser are you using? If your running FF have you tried without any add-ons running?
  4. I am using internet explorer i know that the site runs fine on IE because i can use the site at my parents house and they have an older computer. Im not sure what kind of cpu they have or nething. Im not really interested in a whole new computer as my computer is realtively new. I just replaced the mobo about 8 months ago and the video card less than a year. I have no trouble with my video graphics its just that anything I do on the computer is slow. I am looking to get a new cpu but am interested in whats the better one for someone on a budget. Im looking at



    Also should i buy an after market fan for the cpu. Im not realloy sure what the whole overclocking thing is about but im sure i dont do it so thats not an issue.I cant really afford much over $150 right now and im not sure with the way things are going if I can hold out till taxes or if Ill even get any back.
  5. I also just fnd his one http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=X6800-R&cat=CPU What is beteer P4 or Dual Core.
  6. Just got to my parents house and they have a intel celeron e1200 1.6ghz cpu and only 1 gib ram its an emachines computer on 32 bit vista
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