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Do I need to reinstall games from HDD after fresh install on SSD

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September 11, 2011 7:54:41 PM

Hello, been looking to get an SSD for quite some time now but what puts me off every time is the hassle of sorting out my programs and games all over again. Yes i could reinstall everything but that's a hassle.

Currently I have a single 1TB HDD in 3 partitions:

Windows 179GB (for windows, programs and also games that didnt fit on games partition)
Games 180GB
Data 571GB

Im looking to add a 120GB SSD and install windows 7 fresh on it. Then I will probably install my programs over again on the SSD and possibly one or 2 games. If I do this, will I have to re install games from the fresh install of windows for them to work (certain essential entries might be missing from the registry?)

Also (and I apologise as I am sure this has been covered hundreds of times); if I install windows 7 on the SSD and then plug in the HDD, how do I stop windows getting confused between the two installations of the OS, should I just format the old partition with acronis disc director and then merge it with one of the other partitions?

Thanks in advance, this community is great :) 
September 11, 2011 9:25:57 PM

1- you'll need to reinstall games when you install the fresh win on SSD, but you can backup your game settings and saved data before you install the new windows then recover them back after you install the win and reinstall the games...
2- i had a win installed on a single HD 500Gb and one installed on 4×80Gb Raid0 array, all i did is setting the boot sequence first from the port where the SSD is set to be, and second from port where the HHD is set to be.
anyway as i guess, windows boots from the newer bootloader so it might gets booted directly from the SSD
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August 31, 2013 2:44:10 PM

I just cloned my 300GB c:\ drive to Vector SSD 256 Gb....Everything is transferred including the game...No need for reinstallation. I have Diablo-III... I had it reconfirmed for authentication on the Diablo site. After that everything works.
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August 31, 2013 2:50:24 PM

Set your Bios to boot on the SSD drive not on the mechanical HDD. That will prevent your PC from booting on the HDD. Samsung drives (SSD 256G) are on sale for $199 which is very attractive. It also saves a lot of head-ache of trying to fit everything on smaller density SSD. Disk Clone HDD C:\ to SSD is the fastest way to migrate. The next thing you need to do is change bios setting then reboot.
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