1st build, does my motherboard allow for firewire?

Hello, I'm a first time bulider and have a question. Please excuse my novice-ness.

Does my motherboard dictate whether or not I have firewire capability (connectivity)?
Is that issue related to my computer case?

I just bought the following motherboard (which doesn't appear to have firewire ports)...
MSI 785GT-E63

also this case (which does appear to have 1 firewire port)...
Cooler Master 690 ATX case

How's this going to work? Can I attach some cable from the case to the motherboard and use the firewire port on the front of the case?
Or, since there's no firewire ports on the motherboard, will that render the port on the case useless?

I'm really hoping someone can help me out!!
Any expertise is greatly appreciated.

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  1. The motherboard must have a Firewire port. The one you linked to does not. The front ports on a case ( firewire,USB,e-SATA ect ) must be plugged into a motherboard to work. Not all boards support all formats just like not all cases have ports to make use of all motherboard features. You have to match board and case to match your needs.
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