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Just in need of some help. I've had my Maxtor Basics 250GB external hard drive for around half a year now, been working fine without any problems. I recently gave it to a friend to borrow to copy a few things over onto their laptop.

I got a phone call two days ago saying that all of a sudden it stopped working, so I've got it back today and had a look and I've plugged it into my PC, my other laptop and even my TV and nothing has happened, the light at the front of the hard drive doesnt even come on anymore either (usually a green light). This hard drive is USB powered so it has no power cable.

Although I did check the device manager on my PC and it showed one unrecognized device, when i tried to hit "look for hardware changes" it brought up plug and play and tried installing drivers through windows update, that failed though..

Good thing is its being recognized (kind off?) by the device manager, is there any solutions?

I had alot of my music and movies backed up on my hard drive so it would be sad to lose all of that :(

Stupidly though, in device manager, I hit "uninstall" for the unrecognized device and I can't get it to display in device manager again..

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Download Easeus Partition manager @ Easeus Partition Master Home Edition its free for home use. [optional] I would disassemble the external drive so you can have access to the physical drive. That way if the external drive connection are fryed you can still read the HDD.

    If you don't disassemble then [hear me out first, get a zip lock bag and a trash bag. Put the external drive, [not the cables] into the zip lock bag then the trash bag. Stick it in youre freezer for 5 minutes.

    Then connect to youre pc to start removing all youre data..Once its not recognized again stick it in the freezer.

    If it is recognized but cant access the data use Easeus Partition Master
  2. Thanks, I'll get Easeus Partition Master Home Edition downloaded!

    But... my computer doesnt recognize the hard drive, will the program still work?

    I shall also try this freezer trick, sounds interesting. But, yeah, the opening it up would be a last resort, im not too handy with opening things up :( haha
  3. When im doing data recovery on harddrives.. Thats what I do.. As long as its readable in device manager you got a shot... Alternative will be use a boot disc and run backup software and see if that reads it..

    Thats what I have in the device manager. I tried installing the drivers, it looked through windows update but nothing and it even looked through previous installed drivers and didnt find anything which is odd! :\

    It doesn't recognize it in the Easeus Partition Master program either unfortunately. Only recognizes my C: hard drive :(
  5. You might have to open the case. When you plug the usb drive do you hear it spinning?If you open it you can connect it directly to a PC with sata cable or IDE depending how old the drive is. Also try booting into Hirens and see if any of those program can see the drive
  6. look in disk management if you see the external drive,also could be the external out of service.then you have to open it and try the drive as second drive in your computer
  7. I had a look in Disk Management but its just my C: drive that displays..

    Does that mean I have to open it up?
  8. Under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" in Device Manager, I have "USB Mass Storage Device" - when I click properties and Device Details.. it points to a driver in the system32/drivers folder but when I try to update the unkown device by pointing it to the system32/drivers folder it still fails..

    Stumped :\!
  9. open the case try it as second drive in computer
  10. I though there were no more Maxtor's on the market since Seagate bought Maxtor in 2005...
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