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My wife surprised me with a new unbuilt system as a gift. But I have tried to install the new motherboard into the new case and I have a problem. If I do NOT use the offset screws the I/O ports line up perfectly to the panel. But if I try and use the offset screws then about 1/3 of the I/O ports become blocked by the case. I have listed the case and motherboard below and wanted to see if anyone has had the same experience or any possible solutions. Thank you very much in advance!

Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H

Case: RaidMax Hurricane ATX-248WB-rt

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  1. Did the offset screws that you're using come with the case or motherboard?
    Do you have a picture?
  2. Mystery solved...After stepping away from it for a bit I pulled the motherboard and physically looked at the off-set screw holes in the motherboard. On the holes closest to the I/O shield side each hole had "extra" material gumming up the hole so that the screws were sitting. Once I cleaned out the holes everything seated like you would have expected. Thank's to everyone for their imput.
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