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I have a AGP mother board and I am looking for a top of the line graphics card with at least 512 MB on board memory - what product would work ? One other solution might be to exchange the motherboard as well, but than most likely my other components such as HD's etc,.. will no longer work ?
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  1. AGP is dead, there is no such thing as a top of the line AGP card. I believe the best card they still have for AGP is a 4670, which will run most games somewhat ok. However, I have a feeling whatever CPU you have will really hinder your performance.

    Your money may be better spent on a new Motherboard, CPU, and memory. What do you plan to do with this machine?
  2. Play some games mostly EVE online which requires at least 500 MB in on card memory to run well,.. this is my gaming computer which I agree might be outdated, my concern is that if I exchange the mother board will my other components still fit >? given that I did use a AGP - motherboard what about my 2 HD's etc,..


  3. You would need a motherboard, CPU, and memory. Do you have a budget? Most new motherboards still have an IDE controller if your HD is IDE or CD Rom. You would need a PCI-E video card as well. Also, what PSU do you have?

    To be honest the best thing would be to Totally build a new system, case and all. Reformat your current PC and sell it to someone that just wants to browse the internet and do work processing. I've sold so many old computers like that. You can usually get enough to pay for maybe your motherboard or more.
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