Dual DVI on W7 = problem

Hi all
I install Windows 7 on my system:
MSI K-Neo4f
AMD 64 - 3600 x2
Gigabyte NV 8600 GT 512ram
LCD 20" connected to primary dvi port
Projector InFocus LP120 connected to secondary DVI port

And i can`t get picture on My projector connected to second DVI out
in all configuration - Extend Desktop, Clone Desktop, One Desktop etc
also i try swap DVI cable, and DVI ports
one result - Projector say - "No signal"

I try drivers for Video card:
-original W7
-Gygabyte Drivers
-Nvidia drivers

no result :(

on second system (Vista)
with Gygabyte drivers - projector work good
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  1. Try uninstalling whatever driver you're using now and install the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com. Did you Also, is the monitor and the projector connected before you boot up the computer? Is the Screen Resolution panel showing both monitors being detected?
  2. System detect all attached device correctly (Name, resolution, etc)

    but i see in panel wrong type of port for Projector
    connected to DVI - show as connected to VGA
  3. i try from Nvidia site, lates Stable (192) and Beta (195 - 30.10.2009)
  4. Have you tried using the Display properties from Control Panel and activating the monitor(s) from there?
  5. Yes, Projector activated in both panels:
    -Nv control panel
    -System CP

    I have long used this configuration in Vista - in Vista and W7 Configuration panels look the same
  6. FIXED

    answer in Type of connection detected by driver/system
    need DVI
    detected VGA

    I opened the DVI plug on cable to projector
    this cable is DVI-I (analog+digital)

    and cut the analog wires
    C1 Analog Red -- -- -- --
    C2 Analog Green -- -- -- --
    C3 Analog Blue -- -- -- --
    C4 Analog Horizontal Sync -- -- -- --
    C5 Analog GND Return: (analog R, G, B) -- -- -- --


    Projector work good :)
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