If i dont overclock i7-920 still do i need cpu cooler

Hi all

I am planning to buy i7-920 with Gigabyte UD5 and shall not over clock it ( as i dont know and also i never play games )

do i need some high end cpu cooler or the stock cooler will do the job ?

main reason for buying this board is for high end applications like 3d ( maya ) and 2d ( photoshop ) and other video editing softwares.

also plz guide which PSU will be best fit me.

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  1. Stock cooler will be fine for running at non overclocked speeds.

    PSU's - as long as you stick to a good brand (Corsair) then anything 600w will be more than capable.
  2. For an i7 system with almost any single video card (except for the X2's perhaps), I'd use I have used one of these:
    Corsair 550VX (41 amp 12 volt rail)
  3. The stock cooler will do fine, no manufactor would send away a boxed CPU that dont cool enough for generic use. But - the stock fans is as standard a very small and noisy low-budget thing that often sounds so much many people (me included) choose to get a high-end cooler tower with passive cooling (integrated water cooling) with a big and slow-running quit fan insted of the stock one. This also give the user the ability to overclock and run CPU-intensive programs that press more out of the processor than what the orginal stock would be able to handle in thermal cooling. Thus, in your case the i7 is hard to "over-use", but you could buy a mid-end cooling tower to get ridd off noise if you are interested of having a quiet computer.
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