hello there im building a new gaming computer that i want to last 5 years or so without upgrades "except the gpu im fine with that" anyways along with what i am building i plan to put it in a

Rosewill Thor V2
$130 which is good for full atx gaming case

Along with that the thor has alot of fan options

im keeping the front 200 mm fan just becuse i dont feel like replaceing it

i also may keep the back 140mm fan if its quiet enough and has enough cfm for my likeing

well onto the parts that im decideing to change

well first on the side panel of the thor there is an option to put 4 120mm fans and i was thinking thee

coolermaster sickle-flow red led
70 cfm
19 led
long life sleeve bearing
2.94 mm/h20 static pressure

these will be mounted vertically as all sleeve fans should.

are these quiet? and how long do they last?

well on to the cpu cooler

i want to get an corsair h100 just for the fact better cooling than nh-d14 and it does not obstruct the airflow but i have low profile ram if i want one i can get it
which i will if the corsair h100 too loud "will be replace the fans with some others"
2. does the noctua actually obstruct the airflow?? plus will it damage my mb?

well onto the fans for the corsair h100, or just for the top part of the case in case i dont decide to get the h100

well i thought these are good since i cant use sickle flow for these since they are sleeve

MASSCOOL BLD-12025V1R $8.49 since ill probally get 4 for my h100
ball bearing
1500 rpm
2.01 mm/h20 static pressure is that good enough for an h100??

are these good enough fans for the h100? will they be loud? enough static pressure? enough cfm??

and on a side note when i get bored of waiting for ivy bridge to come out i may make a mode to the case so i can have 1-2 fans directly blowing into the gpu's fans will this lower a gpu's temp or is it useless??

thank you for your time everyone bye :hello:
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  1. is there anybody out there that can help me with this ive been sitting here waiting for a reply because i need to know soon so plz can someone reply quickly plzzzzzz
  2. In my opinion you already have enough case cooling.
    Obviously adding more case fans is going to increase noise.
    4X120mm is going to be much louder then a single 230mm fan.
    Yeah CM sickle-flows are good fans for the price = i use them.
    Loud = not really(air movement noise), but 4 will be.
    What cpu are you cooling?
  3. yah ill either be cooling a intel i5 3550k or an i7 3770k which are ivybridge processors,
    and ill have 1-2 660ti, or 1 670 or 1 680 not sure yet thats for your input but ill be using a fan controller for it so will it be fine then??
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