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Overclocking Confusion PLEASE HELP!!!

Last response: in Overclocking
February 22, 2012 6:38:21 PM

I have just recently had a good friend of mine install a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooler, and overclock my i7 930 to 3.8ghz. It's very stable and I have had no problems playing both Crysis 2 and BF3 on DX11 and max settings. He has also overclocked my Sapphire 7970 to core voltage 1125mhz, core clock to 1050mhz, and memory to 1500mhz.

Like I said, thankfully there does not seem to be any stability issues etc, and I am very pleased with the results!

I am confused though, as I have used intelburn test and let it pass for hours, whilst gone to the pub, and upon my return have been told the test was successful and the hottest any core got on core temp got was 81 degrees. I have been informed that thats too hot by some, and I have just finished playing crysis 2 for well over an hour, and all 4 cores didn't go over 60 degrees?!

I understand that Intelburn is designed to put an abnormal amount of stress on your CPU in order to gauge it's ability to overclock, but correct me if I am wrong, unless I come home from work each day and leave it running until I go to bed, some 5 to 6 hours later, my CPU should not be an issue, should it?

I am not trying to be smart or clever to those whom have offered their advise and said that 80 to 81 degrees is hot, no doubt it is, compared to other peoples results, which I believe can be put down to whether or not you were lucky enough to have purchased a "Golden Chip"?! All I am trying to find out is, if all I am doing is playing games and NOT trying to stress my CPU every day (which has become kind of addictive LOL!!), will my overclock be OK?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :) 

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a b K Overclocking
February 23, 2012 6:10:08 AM

81'c is not very hot under IBT..

many reviews with the lower class hsf even touch more than 90'c on "only" prime95.

never touch 60'c, while gaming etc...that's very good..

in other word, your overclock will be okay.

nothing has to be worried..:) 
a b K Overclocking
February 23, 2012 3:32:12 PM

My Celeron would reach a constant temperature of 105º on Intel Burn Test on stock cooler but it doesn't go above 60º while playing games no matter which one or for how long.
As Quaddro said you should have no problems at all