Building I5 Computer need suggestions

CPU:Intel I5-750
MB:Gigabyte P55-UD3P
RAM:Kingston DDRIII 1333-2G*2
VGA:MSI R4870 Cyclone 1G
PSU:Corsair VX-550W
Moniter:LG W1942T-BFT

Im building gaming computer, I was going to build AMD Phenom II X4 955, but 955 spend more power and is hotter, and its kinda the same price as the I5-750, so I decided to build I5.
Is this build ok ?
Or its better build AMD Phenom II X4 955 ?
Any suggestions ?
(I will use this computer for 3 ~ 5 years, then upgrade again)

P.S: sorry about my english
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  1. just check the recommended power requirements of the 4870. 550W may be right on the edge.
  2. That I5 build looks good, stick with it. The Corsair 550W will be more than enough. Your missing a case, do you have one? If not, get this combo
  3. Other suggestions might be going from kingston ram to corsair or mushkin. and also switching from msi to saphire for your graphics card. Their equivalently priced and are typically better products in the long run

    The i5 is definitely the better way to go, maybe consider getting the i7 860 which you can get for $240 from microcenter, if you are nearby one.
  4. I would agree with snurp85 - why don't you consider an i7? 650w psu would probably be better in case you need to upgrade in the future...
  5. d_tale : so you mean I5 cant upgrade in the future ?
  6. If you're near a Micro Center, I would get the i5 for $159 and also get a PSU from them. PSU's have a high failure rate (10%+) and they're expensive and time consuming to return via the mail. Much easier to drive to MC and swap a new one.

    I would get at least a 700w PSU. Better to err on the safe side. When PSU's get stressed, they heat up, which causes more stress, etc... . If you plan on using 600w of power, get a 700w PSU, not a 600w PSU. Corsair's a good brand.

    If you plan on running a 64 bit OS, I would also spend an extra $75 and get 8 GB of RAM. Don't listen to those who say 4 GB is enough. It's not. I went from 4GB to 8 GB and I noticed a decent jump in performance. Keep in mind that a 1 GB video card will use 1 GB of RAM in addition to the video card memory. The OS will use over 1 GB and that will leave everything else with under 2 GB. Not enough for many things. Plus, future software and games will use more and more memory.
  7. 700W for a 4870 and 8GB RAM for gaming only :??: Unless he plans to run two 4870's in Crossfire, then 700W is overkill. 4GB is plenty, it would be better to spend extra on faster RAM with tighter timings than spending it on more RAM.

    @OP: Stick with the I5, it's better bang for the buck when it comes to gaming.
  8. why some ppls suggest me go for 5770 ?
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