1TB external hard drive with 596GB available space

I have a 1TB external hard drive which is showing as almost full - I have 560GB of data on it and it says I have 26GB free. In Disk Management I can go in and see that there is just the primary partition, NTFS, healthy, and it says 931GB allocated space.

What is keeping me from the other 330+ GB?
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    Possibly - hidden files? I would download Windirstat, run it as an administrator, and see where it says that space is being used. Check the option to show unknown space.

    If you can post an image, and looking at Windirstat doesn't solve it for you, post the Windirstat output here.
  2. Good one mate, used Windirstat and saw that I had multiple backup images...not sure why that wasn't showing up in TuneUp Utilities but it's all good now and I'm happy to have 300GB+ freed up!
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