Painting/Coloring CCFL lights

I got a pair of Sunbeam CCFL lights for my HAF 932 but they were pink.... annddddd pink doesn't really sit well with me. So I want to find some way to make the case glow blood red.

my first idea was to take a sharpie and just sharpie it a darker red. Then ma mama said that nail polish may work.
Then I thought about wrapping the light in a transparent red plastic paper.

The lights aren't hot at all, right around the temp of what my monitor feels like

Does anyone else have any Ideas on the matter or think that any of the aforementioned ones are alright?

I won't be too terrible devistated if I ruin the lights cause they cost a whole 6 bucks, they're more of an experiment if anything. I just like these 1, cause they kinda look cool, and 2, they come with a nice PCI on/off button and plug into the power supply, and right now I just don't have the time to make myself an LED light setup cause of school and whatnot.

thanks for any help
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  1. Why not try the sharpie on, say 2", near the top or bottom of the tube, and maybe the colored cellophane on the rest. I wouldn't use paint or nail polish - it will flake, eventually, and you don't need that in your case.

    Let us know what you liked best.
  2. The sharpie will work, but don't expect it to be too bright.

    If that don't work then get yourself a 12" tube

    6 bucks....
  3. alright I'll try the sharpie then. the lights are ridiculously bright as is so I would welcome a darker case.
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