Help me overclock my Sabertooth and AMD 8 Core

I have overclocked various motherboard CPU combos many years ago. Now that I am able to afford an AMD 8 core and ASUS Sabertooth it doesn't seem as easy anymore. As a result of the complexity of the BIOS, my overclock attempts end up unstable when crunching numbers on this new box. Is there any clear cut training or previous success to this specific combo out there so I don't have to wallow at the base freq of 3.6G? I'd love to get this AMD 8 core @ 3.6 G to a stable 4.0 while running my math intense apps.
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  1. leave the bios settings alone as far as voltages are concerned.

    I have an FX-8120 and i changed the multiplier to 20 i think and have it running at 4ghz. I only changed the multiplier....just use prime95 to test and once you get your fastest overclock on stock voltage then you can mess with voltages and try to overclock more.

    you will need to replace the stock cooler or you will overheat.....I am using a cooler master hyper 212 EVO and the CPU will not go over 28 degrees Celsius.

    Hope that helps
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