EX58-UD3R woes

I have setup my new, 'all new parts' system.
I7-920, the aforementioned EX58-UD3R, 6GB Corsair XM3 DDR3 Ram, OCZ 700watt ModXtream-pro PS Sapphire HD 5770, and a 1TB Hitachi Deskstar 7200RPM drive.
BIOS is currently set to failsafe. Windows 7 64bit installs without issue. Many times while using a browser IE or Firefox, the system just turns of f(in like a 1 tenth of a second) no notice, no blue-screen not anything, it just is off. I originally had a black chrome Demon power supply and thought that might be the issue so I bought the OCX, still does it. I thought it might be the Hard-drive from some stuff I read online, so I bought the new Hitachi again still does it. I hav ealso noticed that when trying to run the Windows Experience index, it also turns off. Have any of you had this issue, I am pretty sure its gotta be the motherboard. I think next paycheck I am going to get the Asus P6t.
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  1. If you can't run wei successfully, it might be couple of things... The main thing is your system though set to fail safe, is very unstable for some reason... Memory might be unstable or the cpu clock might be the source of the problem... Why don't you start by clearing cmos on your mobo, and running your system with everything set to its default value and see if it would complete wei...
  2. Symptom sound like either an ineffective memory setup, or a PROCHOT (thermal) trip...

    Have you monitored temps while 'stressing'?

    Try this:
    hold the front panel power switch depressed until shut down;
    switch off the power supply - or, if no switch, unplug it;
    depress the front panel power switch for twenty seconds more;
    jumper, or (carefully) short the RST_CMOS pins momentarily;
    unplug all USB devices, except keyboard and rodent;
    PSU switch back on;
    power up - first thing, enter the BIOS and disable "XMP";
    do the "Load Optimized";
    set "Performance Enhance" to "Standard";
    <F10> to save and exit;
    hopefully - good to go!
  3. billbat, That was how I initially set the BIOS, though I did not disable XMP. I will try the reset and disable XMP. I have run a couple of different stress tests, and temperatures never get out of normal range. After it shuts down, I have rebooted into bios and checked temps, and they are all quite low, this thing runs very cool!
  4. Just did as billbat recommended and unfortunately the shutdown is still occurring.
    I see that XMP is disabled by default. I also realised I had not updated drivers and chipset since replacing the harddrive and doing a fresh install of WIndow7. So I did that and still seeing the same thing, when using IE8, or running WEI, it shuts down hard.
  5. What board rev, and what BIOS?
  6. Does the system shut down immediately only when starting IE and Firefox?
    Try launch other network applications such as MSN, Skype or etc. Same shut down issue?
  7. Thanks for the ideas and help, I really appreciate it.

    Billbat, 1.0 f11

    Fatbird, it is intermittent with IE and firefox, sometimes it is real quick, other times I can surf for awhile and then *BAM* its off. MSN just launches a web page, it's a fresh install so not much on it really.
    I left Crysis on the system all day letting the demo run, then played it with 'Very High' video settings for about 2 hours with no shut downs, I exited the game and opened IE (which had MSN as homepage) and it immediately crashed.
    This is really frustrating!
  8. First thing - I see no mention of overclock - are you OC'd at all? If so, go to the "Advanced Clock Control" sub-page of the "MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.)" page of the BIOS, and set the "PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)" to 100, not "Auto". There was a PCIe termination problem with the 1.0 rev (actually, in all the 'initial release' boards - the 1.6/1.7 are the only 'first gen' boards that have it 'fixed'), that was fixed in the 'second gen' boards, and GBs have always had trouble with the "Auto" setting of the PCIe if the underlying clocks are raised - seems like they often don't calculate the "Auto" correctly - and the LAN chips are always the 'first to go'... Even if you're not OC'd, I'd likely give that a try, just on the offhand chance?

    Second thing - at the first page of the BIOS, do a <CTRL><F1>, and see if a "PnP/PCI Configurations" page appears - it seems to be 'missing' in the manual, and I'm wondering if they have 'locked' it in the BIOS... If it does appear, go to it, and look for an item something like 'PCIe timing' item - should show, I believe, 32 (default), 64, and 128 - change it to 64. I found this helped me with getting 'hard' resets from an 'overly busy' PCIe bus. Took forever to find out what this setting was doing - I had always assumed it was some kind of latency setting - the lower, the faster... Turns out that the PCIe bus is, in some respects, like a 'token ring' bus - where you setup how long each 'owner' is allowed to 'keep' the token; PCIe devices become 'bus master', and the setting is how long they are allowed to remain 'master' - seems that 'interrupting' 'em, in some cases, is a bad thing!

    OOps - a third thing just occurred to me - have you tried running the 'no addons' version of explorer, and doing your 'usual' surfing pattern? Could always be a bad, not-up-to-date, or 'mal-installed' add-on - though I don't know if that would explain crashes in Skype (which is a 'busy' damned thing if ever there was one, anyway [:jaydeejohn:3] )!

    ...meantime, I'll keep staring at your system block diagram, hunting, and, when I get a little time later on, will try to 'peek inside' the F11 BIOS (which is current), and see what I can find that's interesting [:fixitbil:9] !!
  9. Billbat,
    No OC'ing. Not that there is anything wrong with that :) , I will make that changes shortly.
    On the IE, it is a fresh install of the OS and IE8 comes with it, I wouldn't think there are any addons as yet, at least I have not approved any.
  10. Ack - my latest ModBin doesn't seem to wanna open the BIOS, either - will have to 'fiddle & search'!
  11. I made the suggested changes and no go, still crashes on IE, mainly it seems when it loads a page. It always crashes running WEI also. I am going to order up an ASUS P6T, it has been getting rave reviews and is not that much more than this MB cost me. I will just RMA this one, leave itin the package and sell it on EBAY.
  12. Have one more thought before you $h!t-can it; can you 'watch it' while it's running WEI, and note the 'segments' that go by? My guess would be that you're getting the hard reset during one particular 'phase' of the testing, and knowing what phase that was (or, at least, what the last successful one was...) might give us a valuable 'clue'! Seems to me that WEI is pretyy good about 'announcing' what it's doing, as it's doing it... I hate to give up [:lectrocrew:7] - and, besides, the poor guy who buys it off e-bay will likely be here in a month with the same troubles! [:bilbat:9]
  13. Morning, I have the GA-X58A-UDR3. My hdd crashed and I am now looking at a raid option. I received pricing on WD Black hdd, but read that it does not always work in raid. Is there recommended or compatible hdd to use for this? Our main suppliers in South Africa is Seagate or WD. I was looking at the WD W640S6K64. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry to change the subject.
  14. In my experience, the WD HD's (sata 3.0) black editions work fine in RAID0 on Gygabyte AMD boards. From 880G and up.
  15. Sorry I didn't reply to this a long time ago. The problem turned out to be the memory. I bought an Asus p6t and it would not even boot with one of sticks. When I put in 1 stick at a time, I found the offending stick and the issue with rebooting stopped.
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