Can I use same 3 drives for raid 0 and raid ?

I just set up raid 0 on three 500gb drives
I set it up with a short stroke partion of only 100gb and then the rest on another partiton also raid 0

after I was done I wondered can i set up raid 5 or another type of raid on the same 3 disks for my data?

I understand it will kill my short stroke benfits but will it still work the same as a regular raid 0 drive if i use the rest of the disks for another type of raid?

and what is the best raid type for data storage?
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  1. First of all, no you can't. RAID uses entire drives.

    As to the best RAID type for data storage, it depends on what you want. RAID0 increases both space and maximum transfer speeds, but is very vulnerable to data loss and much harder to recover data once failed than a single drive. It isn't even RAID, since the 'R' stands for 'Redundant.' The short-stroking will be determined after the RAID is made, when you partition the drive.

    In most cases, the best RAID for data is no RAID at all. Can you explain what it is that you want to accomplish, and why a single high-speed HDD isn't adequate? What do you intend to gain from using RAID? If we understand the particular need, we can make better choices.
  2. Aloha
    I am comparing this setup to an ssd.
    a 60gb sata 3 ssd costs about the same amount of money but I am finding them a bit buggy. my corsair force 3 ssd likes to quit working and then does not show up in bios on reboot until i disconnect it and reconnect it.

    looking at the info on how to update the bios on that drive to 1.3 from 1.2 I thought it might be easier to try raid 0

    thats all
  3. ok and i have not had much chance to test it in real world but my ht tune is running at about 350+ mb / s on this set up.

    which is impressive

    but I am only getting 115 4k IOPS which is not impressive at all.

    still it seems fairly fast.
  4. Well i can say the raid does not do as well as one SSD in loading my virtual machines

    I might try a two vertex plus 0 raid now.

    my first ssd raid!
  5. I wouldn't take the corsair force 3 issues as to big of a shot against ssd's. Those drives just do not work on some people's hardware from what I can tell. I have an unopened 120g one sitting on the shelf for the exact reasons you described which they replaced twice and I still had the same issues. Below is the thread on their forums talking about it. Lots of very ticked off customers in there.
  6. i still like the drives
    want to trade for some other computer parts?
    i have enough parts to open a store.
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