Cpu and one sys fan not turning on

hi i just recently bought some upgrades for my PC and decided to change the case too. when i tested it it made a high squeaky noise and shot a fireball slightly smaller than my fist out the back of the mobo. now it is all set up with the spacers on the back and it is all working except for the cpu and sys fan. help?
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  1. have you tested the parts in other PC's to make sure each part is in working order?
  2. they spin when it starts and then it goes off so i dont know
  3. sounds like your whole setup has been 'fried'

    try testing the parts in another PC and then check it out
  4. my setup hasnt been fried :P im using it now and ive tested GTA IV on it. i just connected the sys fan direct to the PSU so it is working now. the heat sinks fan still isnt working (the cpu fan)
  5. I think that just means that it's partially fried, the fireball may just be the fan circuits

    I'd back up data at this point at the least lol, maybe not replacing the whole thing but dang that sounds lucky
  6. yes me and my friend were very lucky :D i didnt expect it to live. and funny thing is one fan connected to the mobo works perfectly fine. the fireball kinda singed my carpet a little :(
  7. man picx?
  8. of the whole setup? or something in specific? and im a newbie so how do u upload?
  9. try image shack and i wana see the burn mark on the mobo lol

    also maybe the floor for reference
  10. funny thing is there isnt any mark on the mobo? :??: kinda strange. im thinking it touched the mobo panel of the case and shorted out on it and spark/ fire came from there i dont think the spacers were long enough
  11. its ok i fixed it by plugging it into a pwr fan plug :)
  12. zilla7777 said:
    its ok i fixed it by plugging it into a pwr fan plug :)

    Only problem there is it will be at a set rate and will not self adjust as the CPU reaches higher temps. which may cause the system to be unstable - would be best to get a new MOBO - It is actually suprising it will run without a fan connected to the CPU fan connector - usually that will cause it to shut down to keep the CPU from burning.
  13. hmm i dont know but ive even OC'ed my phenom 9550 2.2ghz to 2.53 and the heatsink works perfectly at around 38C. thats great considering were in the middle of summer in australia here :) . any higher and the ram runs too hot though XD. im gonna do some case mods and vga ram and ram heatsinks for the whole lot
  14. YAY ive beaten you :) i got my 9550 2.2ghz to 2.62 and it runs around 35-43C almost silently :D and same problem with both vga and ddr2. im in adelaide so its pretty hot :) im planning on one H version and on L version of the thermalright hr-07 duos because i hve ram sticks in slots next to each other. im also going to get the high profile of zalman VGA RAM heatsinks so i can file them down to get the maximum height from them
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