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Ok basicly my question is this. I have a gateway GT5628 computer. I am needing to get a new graphics card as my old one is no longer working.
My computer has a 400watt PSU ( Delta electronics is the manufacturer). The card I am thinking about is a

Galaxy - NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT 1GB DDR2 PCI Express Graphics Card
Requirements-Available PCI Express x16 slot; 6-pin supplementary power connector; 350W power supply

I am not that great with computers although there are some idiot friendly aspects I have been able to figure out. I basicly need to know if the current PSU I have would be ok for the card I mentioned without overstressing the PSU.
The answer should probably be obvious to me however, it isn't. I know that at first glance to me I think it would be ok with my powersupply. At least until I wonder what the rest of my system is requiring power wise. Any help would be appreciated.

( yes the card is fairly cheap but it is still an upgrade from my prior card .. i think .. at any rate I just need a decently priced card for WoW the hubby is going through withdrawels and driving me nuts)
I was not sure whether to post this in the PSU section or Graphics and displays section soo if it is in the wrong spot please let me know.
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  1. First, read this:,2464.html

    An ATI 4650, ($45) or a 4670 ($65) would completely overpower that 9500--all without requiring an extra 6-pin power connector. These are the the best choices for you. If possible, one with ddr3 ram instead of ddr2 would be better.

    Second, If you do decide to go with a card that requires a 6-pin power connector-- have you looked to see if your PSU has one? If not you will want to check and see if the graphics card package has one of those two 4-pin to one 6 pin converters. Assuming you dont have like 4-5 drives plugged in to the PSU, the converter would probably work for you.

    If you are really set on a Nvida card, the best option might be the underclocked 9800gt ($79) ( By underclocking the card and making it slightly slower, PNY has significantly lowered the power requirements so that it also does not require a 6 pin. A normal 9800GT would be better than a 4670, but I am not certain if this one is much better. (they are probably comparable).
  2. Also, I think its really cute that you are buying your hubby a graphics card. I promise you that men everywhere are extremely jealous.

    (i dont think my girlfreind even knows what a PSU is... )
  3. Ok well I went ahead and bought him a graphics card and it's all set. Working wonders may I say. Heh He and I are both umm .. well let's just say we are wow addicts lmao. I had to get a new video card for my computer as well. Thanks for the help guys!
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