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I am working on a customers computer, Windows XP home. It was hit with a nasty virus. I have removed the virus with AV software booted from a CD. It removed many many viruses. Now, when I try to boot, it doesn't even make it to the Windows XP screen. It just keeps rebooting, and asking "Safe mode, safe mode with..." menu. I tried last known good, and when selected, it does the same thing - just reboots. I thought the master boot record might be corrupt, so I went into recovery console and did a fixboot. Still, when computer turned on, it just keeps on going through the cycle of rebooting and going to that menu.

I can see the Windows directory from recovery console, so I know the files are there. Any ideas how to get this to boot back into Windows?
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    repair install
  2. a repair install will fix the problem then would backup all the files after a full scan
    if the virus has done that much damage and there was more then 1 or 2 the you should do a full rebuild and install a uptodate av
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