CPU temp monitoring tool? And overcklocking?

Hey, waht are the best application for monitoring processor temperature under windows? I just need a quick read of that.

Secondly, whats the best way to overcklock, BIOS or windows application? My sytem is:

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  1. Download CPU-Z and HW Monitor from CPUID.COM it's free. It is better and stable in the BIOS to overclock.
  2. Coretemp is another handy temperature program, if you minimise it, your core temps show on the taskbar,
    and yes, bios is the way
  3. AIDA 64
  4. I usually use CPU-z and hardware monitor as aqe said
  5. Best took for overclocking? Your BIOS.
  6. I use hardware monitor but could also use Real Temp.

    I like to stick to the BIOS when overclocking. When i had my E6500/E6400 on my Asus p5q pro i when the BIOS way. Well Asus does include software for automatic OCing, it made my computer unstable.

    Also if your going to OC your need stability problems such as Prime95 or intelburn test.
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