Blue screen of death :(

Hi. I'm having some troubles with the common blue screen of death. In fact i got no clue what's this about. I'm getting it sometimes when for example i press escape to get out of my screen saver. Another example : when my brother play that world of warcraft crap , sometimes when he exit game. Even worse , I did get it once when i exited Yahoo Messenger. This its not always happening , just from time to time.
From time to time it's happening , and it can't be good. I got the last minidump but i got no clue how to read it or what to do with it. Couldnt find out how to upload it here , so i uploaded on rapidshare.

By any chance someone can post what it says here , and tell me what the problem is?
I am using Windows 7 32 bit.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, I'm not very knowledgeable regarding BSODs, but normally it's a hardware problem. I don't think I can help you, but others might if you provide the error code, and state any recent changes to the computer.
  2. Hi.

    Usually the BSoD means RAM problems or driver problems. What test first?, the RAM.

    Download and use memtest86+ to test the RAM for errors, if you get some BSoD in the process, take note of the error code, that can help us to know more about the error that you get.
  3. Rapidshare is blocked from Work, so I can't see your pics.

    On the Blue Screen, there should be some hex code. It will look something like 0x0000123d. (the numbers change according to whatever the issue might be - a common one is 0x0000001a). You can do a Google/Bing search on that number and/or use the search tool at to do the same. Then you can review the returns for items that appear to be applicable to your situation.
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