H100 or nh-d14

hello there this is my first build and i am building it in an Rosewill thor v2


i am torn between the noctua nh-d14 and the h100

this will be a gaming build with either the Ivy bridge i5 3550k or i7 3770k
with a 600 series nvidia card

both have there ups and downs

1. cheaper
2. no need to replace fans
3. already have low profile ram
4. quite

1. huge massive 1.2kg
2. ive been told it screws up your cases airflow not sure how true this is but yah
3. did i mention it is huge
4. not aesthetically pleasing
"is there another air cooler that will preform similar or better to the noctua and is better looking??"
5. a pain to deal with when trying to work in your case PAIN

1. aesthetically pleasing
2. easy to work with when trying to work in case
3. i have space for it :wahoo:
4. a tinny bit better cooling
5.water cooling braging rights? "not really"
1. more expensive
2. have to buy 2 more fans for it "already is replacing the top 200mm fan with two 120mm for cooling or may use 2 140 if i deicde not to use an h100"
3. did i meantion with fans its almost double the noctua price
4. apparently loud according to some people

the fans i will be using in my case are

4 cooler master sickleflows as the side fans replaceing the 200mm there $ 8 per sleeve
"are these loud or the people who say they are mounted them horizontly and didnt realize thats not good for sleeve fans"


plus these for all the horizontal places 4-5 if im getting a h100 or 2-3 if im not "may get a 140mm fan if im not getting the h100"
masscool bld-12025v1r 120mm 8.50 per ball bearing

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835150117mm fan

Recomendations for 140mm fans that are better than masscool or 120mm fans better thansickleflows prefer sub $10 on each fan if it can be helped but i want high performance and low noise prefer sub 10 and if these come with leds preferably red because i plan on basing my case of black and red design

Thankyou for your time bye :hello:
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  1. What is the rest of your build and what is your budget?

    - Some RAM heatsinks are so large that they will interfere with the NH-D14.
    - If you are going to pick up the H100 with plans to add more fans, you are probably better off going true water cooling with an XSPC 750 RS240 kit.
    - Looks won't really matter since you don't have a substantial view into the case.
    - The noise from the H100 is due to user putting it at the high setting @2000RPM.
    - I have the CM Sickleflows. They are noisy at full speed which is why I use a fan controller to manage them @1500RPM (super quiet).

    Since your RAM won't be a conflict, the NH-D14 is probably the way to go. If you prefer watercooling - do it right.
  2. I have a Corsair H50 in my case with 2 corsair fans. The fans are very quiet BUT the pump is pretty loud. The sound isn't the liquid flowing noise, but the humming noise the pump makes. It's the loudest part of my build. I was looking in nh-d14 but it won't fit with my 4 sticks of RAMs. There's a list on noctua's website.


    Also, depending on your motherboard, it might even touch your GPU.
  3. Might as well get a $35 Hyper 212 EVO or a $50 Scythe Mugen 3 (or EVGA Superclock) and save yourself some cash. I don't think the extra, oh, ~5C will make any difference.
  4. The Gaia sd1283 is comparable to a 212.

    Just for an idea of cooling, I used the Gaia sd1283 before getting an H100. I had push/pull set ups on each (extra fans).

    The H100 has 3 speeds. On the low speed (which I use) the H100 took me from ~73-75'C to ~60-62'C at 100% load on the cpu.

    On the low setting, the loudest thing in my case is the HD 6950.

    If I crank up the H100 to the mid or high settings, I get another 5-10'C cooling and...

    the loudest thing in my case is still the HD 6950.

    This is with 4 stock fans (the same as the ones that the unit comes with). It will be even more quiet if/when I upgrade to some nice cougar fans.

    All of the reviews that rate coolers run them stock, so they only show the H100 with 2 fans. Even then, it consistently is at the top of the charts for performance.

    With regard to custom water cooling, for some of us, 'doing it right' is staying away from anything that can leak due to our own lack of craftsmanship. ;)

    And, if you really 'do it right' you are looking at much more than the $119-$135 that an H100 with two extra fans costs. I think the water cooling loop that I had planned was at least $500 in parts alone, not including time spent assembling, testing and maintaining the system.
  5. well if u want the parts here they are not providing links

    Case - Rosewill Thor V.2 gaming atx full tower computer case price- $130

    1.Ram- Gskill sniper ram 1600mhz 8gb price $40

    *don’t need till after have cpu but will need soon after getting cpu to replace the stock cooler on it*

    Cpu cooler- Corsair H100 liquid cpu cooler price-$100 *amazon*
    or noctua nh-d14

    Solid State Hard Drive-OCZ AGT3-25SAT3-120G Agility 3 Series Solid State Drive
    price-$98 new egg was a shell shocker

    Reg hard drive- already have

    Blu-Ray Drive- asus black 12x bd-rom 16x dvd-rom 48x cd-rom $55

    a z77 board not sure since there not out preferbally red
    Gpu- some 600 series card from NVIDIA up to 1-2 660ti or 1 670 or 1 680 not sure

    those are the basic parts ill be using

    and yah im kinda skeptical of a 130 dollar full water cooling kit i also priced one and it was ALOT more than 130 dollars so it makes me believe i am buying into inferior parts and that will only case trouble plus 10 degree cooler than an h100 or a noctua nh-d14 i dont plan to push my cpu past 5ghz so its kinda irelavant considering the one i want to get has a tdp of 77 which is low plus no worry about upkeep or leaking "lets me sleep at night know i wont wake to a wet computer" anyways this will be a gaming computer
    so the fans ill be using with either of those are good right?
  6. I believe that the stock fans on the Noctua are better than the H100 stock fans, mainly because of noise. But, the H100 has 3 settings so you can run at low and still get great cooling and it is really quiet.

    So, if you get the Noctua, I don't think that you have to do anything more than install it (someone correct me if that's not the case).

    With the H100, you can also run with stock fans and get great cooling. But I would recommend getting at least 2 more fans. Even getting 2 more of the stock fans will just push your cooling that much higher.

    These are the fans x4 that I am planning on adding to my H100:

  7. so i am wondering will the nh-d14 screw up the airflow in my case because it is so massive or will it not screw it up, got the case today i really cant see in it like someone stated before so im up for getting the noctua now it seems like a good choice and this lets me get 140mm fans for my top now instead of 120 mm recomendations??
  8. Btw Gskill Snipers aren't low profile ram.
    Found that out the hard way,they're actually taller the Ripjaws.
    Have both types.
    You can trim off the stupid gun sights on either end which is the problem.
    G.SKILL Ares Series are true low profile.
  9. btw the gksill sinpers are low profile ram, no there actually about the same size as the rip jaws and i already have them and there low profile plus there listed under the nh-d14 compatiblity list as they work
  10. Nope! true low profile is well under 35 mm tall btw.
    Snipers are not low profile = over 40mm tall.
    Good for you if they fit under the D-14 which has a high base height @43mm.
    Still doesn't make them classfied as low profile ram.
    Gskills low profile series is the ARES = 32mm tall.
    Whoever told you an air-cooler disrupts air flow must be the same source.
  11. As I said before, both are good coolers, but if you want top performance, the H100 with 4 fans delivers. Then you don't have to argue with people about what is or isn't 'low profile' RAM because they all will fit :D

    You are right on point when you say that the closed loop water coolers give you more space for air flow and working in your case, especially around the cpu and RAM slots. I have even found that air coolers come really close to the first pci-e slot in mobos and sometimes crowd the GPU as well.
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