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Unganged mode ddr3 1333 down ddr3 1066

i build new system for games, my ram OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz 4GB Dual Channel 2X2GBdetail , At POST display 'ddr3-1066 unganged mode' why down to ddr3-1066, in windows use cpu-z to check just display single channel :cry: , i have read AMD phenom 2 processors news!! that mean can't use ddr3-1333 dual channel ram! :o what can i do now? or change to ddr3-1066 4GB dual channel ram(2X2GB) ? in bios no option for unganged....

my system
AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 BE 3.4ghz
OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz 4GB Dual Channel 2X2GB
Asus M4A77TD-PRO
sapphire ATI radeon HD4850 512MB
wd geen 500GB
cm 500w psu
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  1. Hi.

    You need change the ratio of your RAM to 667, because the mobo set as default the lower speed.
  2. i don't understand u talk about?? my mobo support 1066 above!! u don't understand what i talk........
  3. Best answer
    Ok, maybe I not explain to u in the correct way.

    THIS is the BIOS of your mobo right?

    Can you see the part that say "Memory Timming and Voltage", you need change the part that say DRAM frequency to the correct configuration for the speed of your RAM. I'm not sure what is the value, but you could find somsething like 1:1, just select the correct for 667.

    Why 667?, because your RAM is DDR3 dual channel and DDR3 means double-data-rate three, in other words, you need multiply by two the speed that you see in the BIOS, so, 667MHzx2=1333MHZ aprox.

    P.D. U can see the speed in the right panel of the BIOS to know what speed are you selecting.
    P.D2. If this isn't your BIOS, your real BIOS should be very similar, just look for the same options and do the same steps.
  4. DRAM frequency only have 800, 1067, 1333, 1600! i set 1333 done.
    at POST display "ddr3- 1333 unganged"
    why SPD only display ddr3-1066 (533mhz)?
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