How to change ide hdd to sata

can anybody help me, y is it after changing ide to sata hdd it didn't work
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  1. Sometimes you have to assign the drive a letter in windows in order for it to see the drive. Run>compmgmt.msc>drive assignment.
  2. What does changing IDE to SATA mean?
    Have you just bought a new SATA HDD and want it to be the OS drive?
    and want to transfer the whole setup to a new SATA HDD, you can clone it using third party softwares.
    Be sure to clone it properly with all the boot sectors and everything else.
    After that you'll need to change the bios setting and get it to boot from the SATA disk and not from the earlier one.

    Once this is done and everything works fine, unplug the PATA HDD and see if it works Just with the SATA drive

    If it does and everything goes smoothly, all you need to do with your other drive is save it up as a backup or then free all the space and use it as a data drive......
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