Hey Guys!!!!!

This AM5640-U5401A system has given me hard time mentally and financially lol.

It does not post to the monitor. (Turn the monitor ON automatically)
I can hear the fan running and blue light.
When I plug it up it starts automatically running I can hear the fan. With me turning the power on.

Thought it was a videocard or power supply. Which I did diagnose by switch power supply and applying other video output and it was not the case. So I decided to buy the mother board like you guys mentioned it was around $250.

I changed the mb and still no sign on the monitor. Since it was refurnished system from co seller from ACER. Which ACER refered me (capital data) . Then i thought they send a bad one. So got another same motherboard and spec. Funny they all acts the same. Don’t really know if they send me an non fuctional mother board again? Not sure. So I have 2 so called new mother board and my previous one.

Do you guys think the mother board they sent me might not work (what are the chance of that)?

Still This Crapy Acer not working.

OH When I switched the mb, the only thing they share was the heat sinq and fan.

Can anybody tell me what the problem is pls?

Tnx a million. Email me manual if you guys can
************************THANK YOU*****************************
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  1. Usually when you have no display on the screen means that you have a graphic problem meaning either bad ram or bad graphic card... you say everything seems to power up correctly so it only leaves you at the ram. If you have a built in graphic card (the vga output is part of the motherboard) then you can eliminate the possibility of having a bad graphic card... so check your ram thats most likely it..

    FYI: usually the first things to burn out on a computer is either ram or power supply.
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