New CPU/Mobo/RAM - Seeking approval

I am replacing my cpu/mobo/ram and just wanted a final second opinion before I order. I just want to make sure everything, namely the RAM and board, are compatible. Thanks in advance guys.




EDIT: RAM link fixed.
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  1. Your RAM link is to the wrong page, but the CPU and Mobo are compatible. Feel free to post your whole build here for critiquing.
  2. Whoops, fixed the link. Thank you for the reply. I am planning on using my existing Geforce9800GT with this setup, I'm not building from the ground up.
  3. Sorry to bother, but I'm looking to order this tonight. Any input? I'm mainly worried about whether I have the proper RAM.
  4. Yes, it will work, you could get a better performing set, but everything's compatible. Check out the links in my sig - if you fill out the advice form, we'll help make sure you're getting the best for your money...
  5. Thank You. Perhaps you can give me some further insight,

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Sooner the better; 350 - 400 after rebates.

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, web-surfing/multimedia usage

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I do not need anything except CPU/Mobo/RAM. Have a xfx 9800gt to pair with the setup. 680 Watt Coolermaster PSU.

    PARTS PREFERENCES: No real preference -- combination of price and performance. I assume AMD would fall closer into this category than Intel.

    OVERCLOCKING: Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Would like the option in the future. no preference between SLI/Crossfire
    MONITOR RESOLUTION: Do not need monitor, current runs 1280x1024


    The items I have set up in the first post run $360 after rebates. I would like to stay under 400 after rebates. I don't have a strong preference for AMD, but chose it for the lower price. Looking at the RAM you have in your list of recommended parts, perhaps I should change to the

    I am currently running XP so don't need more than 4GB of RAM but plan on upgrading to 7 in the future and would like to put in 2 more 2GB sticks..

    Thanks again for your insight.
  6. What HDD do you have?
    I'd recommend replacing the GPU as well, since you'll be gaming on it, but it's up to you. Anyways, the mobo and cpu that you have above as well as the ram you found in my list will be great.
  7. I have a 3yr Old WD 250GB 7200rpm HDD . Not really in my budget to replace either the HDD or the Video card atm. Just purchased the 9800 this past winter so I would like to hang on to it for a while longer. Eventually I do want to go with 2 ATI cards in crossfire though. Thank you again .
  8. Edit: Sounds good, I'd upgrade those parts as soon as you can, but the new parts will make a very nice system.
  9. Really? I want to stay on the high end with the parts that I do buy, so that I can upgrade other parts in the future. If I will see a big performance gain with a new hdd though I am open to suggestion, I might be able to pick one up sometime in the next two months. Honestly I always though the HD was sort of an afterthought in terms of performance. Looking at your recommended list I assume you recommend Samsung drives with at least 16mb of cache. Solid state is not in my budget of course.
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