New TR2 850 watt PSU

Just purchased a Thermaltake TR2 850 watt PSU. Its the modular design and when I opened it up and started to work with it, I noticed I was missing the CPU power (12vAC, P4... its a 4 pin square connector). I've looked on a few retailer websites and I can't find anyone that sells this cable. I need some help in locating one, preferably local. I haven't found any major retail chains that sell them.
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  1. Chances are the 4 (or 8 pin) cpu connector is in the main wiring bunch. Most cable select ps have only part of the wiring as cable select; the main bunch contains the 24 pin and 4 or 8 pin 12v connectors. If it's an 8 pin and your motherboard is 4 pin, just separate 4 of the pins; they only fit one way.
  2. It should have a modular cable with both an 8 pin EPS connector and 4 pin 12v connector on it.
  3. Maybe I should have linked the box contents...

    The P4 is modular as well. While the 20+4 is not modular, it did not contain the 4+4. I did not expect the 4+4 to be modular. While I'm sure I could get one from thermaltake... eventually.

    I think most of us know it would be a lot easy to just be able to spend a couple of bucks for one; however, as I can't seem to find one for sale, I guess I'll have to call Thermaltake or just make one myself.
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