Are all graphics card with the name HD 5770 the same?

I was looking into newegg and btw im a beginner at this so no hate please...but i was just wondering if all graphic cards with the name HD 5770 the same... i see there are difference in price but i cant seem to find whats different...i s it just buying into name? Thanks again
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  1. Okay there's ATI and Nvidia which creates the boards, and manufactures the boards. Other companies such as XFX, HIS, Sapphire, BFG, etc etc all take the boards and add their own coolers, or custom clocks.. However with new GPU's the cards are all the same, made by ATI (or Nvidia) and resold by those companies with their own packaging etc. The coolers, clocks, and quality are exactly the same the only things that vary with new (release date new) GPU's are the logos, design of the boxes/plastic coverings on the GPU, any extras such as game coupons, as well as the warranty/support of each company.

    So to answer your question in simpler terms: For now and maybe a few months they will all be the same until companies begin to mess/make them themselves (adding Fans/heatsinks/aesthetics/clocks/different outputs).
  2. Yes all 5770 will be the same. There maybe minor variation such as a custom fan, clock speed (oc), and most importantly the warranty, but the performance of the cards will be the same for all 5770 unless it has more video memory or is overclocked.
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