Extra fab for scythe mugen 2

hi forum!

i got a question.
im going to buy a scythe mugen 2 and want to put an extra fan on it.
how big does it have to be and what kind?
any good fans for this?
any people who already did this?

thy forum!

ps. srry for fab :p
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  1. they hold 120mm fans. they are secured by terrible little wire clips. the cooler works great but there are things about it i do not like. installation is probably the worst of any i have ever touched. scythe makes some very high cfm fans and they wont break the bank.
  2. so i can just put anny extra fan with it?
    as long as i dont put it on the opposite side?
  3. i had one on each side of mine. it actually comes with a good scythe fan so you may be ok without an additional purchase. once you have it installed it works great but the installation leaves a lot to be desired. great price, performs great but it is big enough it doesnt work on all boards.
  4. im going to buy a evga x58 3x sli...
    think it will fit with corsair dominator ram?
  5. i am curious about that myself. on the classified, it obstructed the memory slot closest to the CPU. i didnt make use of all 6 slots so it wasn't a factor but don't know what it will run into on that board idoop.
  6. I have mine with 2 fans on it, one stock fan, the other is same model but with 800 rpm. totally silent and works like a charm. my mobo is msi p35 platinum combo (nasty board), since a 2-fan-mugen 2 fits on it, i guess it will fit the evga also. u can rotate the heatsink 90 deg, but probably the evga chipset cooler wont allow that.
  7. well the evga x58 has some tall cooling on the vregs. dont know how close it will come to making contact as i never had that specific board.
  8. Maybe get a Ultra 20 Extreme Rev C instead - it's thinner than the Scythe so when you add your 2 25mm fans you won't hang over the DIMM slots.

    More expensive I know, but if you're paying for a X58 Classified with Dominator RAM (GT presumably because it's also black and red?) you probably have a few extra bucks to throw around! And then you might as well keep the aesthetics going and get the TRUE Black Rev C.

    drool lol
  9. he doesnt have the classified, he has the x58. the classified actually has better thought out clearance around the CPU area. (or should i say getting)
    the ultra 120 is hard to beat. it is easier to mount and does a slightly better job than the mugen-2. the mugen does perform well bit it it very intrusive in size and installation plain sucks. mine is boxed back up and will probably never be used again.
  10. oke i was thinking of maybe adding a bit of extra buck and get the x58 clasified.
    and then the ultra 120?

    oh and guys while were talking about my pc.
    i still have a evga geforce 9600gt :p

    and im buying everything from here-http://azerty.nl/8-1604/ddr3-sdram-modules.html

    any good ideas for ram i was going to buy the blue dominator but is the red 1600 mhz?
  11. The red Dominator GT is the next step up from the blue - faster, tighter timings, even better overclocker, MORE expensive lol

    This is my designer brain talking: if you're going for the Classified then red or black RAM will look gorgeous. Those with high-budgets naturally go for the Dominator GT because of the colour and it being high-performance RAM to match a high-performance motherboard. There are other options though, such as Patriot Sector 5 Viper II.

    I got some 1333MHz CAS6 for my Phenom II build and I'm very impressed (looks sexy too), so I'm toying with using it in my own Classified build - it overclocks to 1600MHz nicely if you loosen the timings very slightly and also comes in a crazy 2000MHz model which is as good as the Dominator GT yet cheaper.

    For bling there's also Crucial Ballistix Tracer RED which is good RAM at 1600MHz.

    The Thermalright Ultra-120 is a great cooler, but if you're thinking aesthetics then the TRUE Black is a must to match your black and red mobo/RAM theme. And the new Radeon 5000s are black and red too!

    Now, kick my designer head out of the way lol all this is pointless if you don't have a side window, or you simply want performance.

    If you're not doing crazy, sustained overclocking then the Classified is probably a bit of a waste of money, so is the premium you pay just to have an Ultra-120 nickel plated in black. Dominator RAM will usually overclock and/or tighten to compete with Dominator GT (it's the same chips after all), plus there's other RAM out there that can do just as good a job anyway.
  12. oke im going to buy the cm storm scout.. so red and black is good!
    (i kind of though about that)

    and yes i have the buget for it and i got these 2 rams anny good?

    dominator- http://azerty.nl/8-750-224716/corsair-dominator-geheugen-.html
    dominator gt(comes with fan)- http://azerty.nl/8-750-241189/corsair-dominator-gt-geheuge.html
  13. Both sets of RAM you list are very good. If you want to stick with the red and black theme then go for the Dominator GT if you think the price difference is worth it.

    You could always get the standard Dominator, take the stickers off the side of the RAM and paint the blue fins red - I've seen it done!

    I've had a look at other RAM on that site and nothing really jumps out at me if you want to keep with the red and black aesthetic.

    I know you want to stick with one online shop, but have a look around and see if you can find Patriot Sector 5 Viper II - it only comes in dual-channel kits so you can either buy 2 kits and not use 1 module, or buy 3 kits and have 12GB RAM. It comes in a range of speeds, but you can always get the cheaper 1333MHz kit and overclock them to 1600MHz.

    Black PCB too: http://benchmarkreviews.com/images/reviews/memory/patriot_viper_II/patriot_viper_II_sector_5_kit.jpg

    I think that looks just as nice as Dominator GT, and it has a wonderful weight to it too - feels very satisfying to hold.

    Or you could look at OCZ Obsidian (which is on your online shop) and tighten the timings up on it (it's default is CAS9).
  14. roofus said:
    installation is probably the worst of any i have ever touched.

    Ever installed a CoolerMaster Hyper N520?
  15. oke got a site that can show/teach me how to tighten up timings?
  16. idoop said:
    oke got a site that can show/teach me how to tighten up timings?

    Ah, now for that one I'll just have to refer you to Google - considering it a learning experience!

    Also, dig out some reviews for the RAM we've discussed and see how well they do overclock and/or tighten before you commit to anything - it would be a false economy to buy less expensive parts in the hope to overclock them if they don't actually overclock very well.
  17. ooh i think this fan will look verry nice!
    and i considered better than the ultra 120...

  18. Ah yes, the Mega Shadow. I've been trying to decide between the Mega Shadow and the TRUE Black Rev C myself and the reason is the size of the Mega Shadow.

    Because it is actually a little bit thicker than the TRUE Black, when you put on a 25mm fan it will actually hang over the last RAM slot, which means that if you use that slot and your DIMM has tall fins or heatsinks then the fan will actually get in the way. The TRUE Black doesn't get fans in the way of the last DIMM slot. If you're only using 6GB RAM then you won't have this problem anyway because the RAM slot covered by the fan won't be used.

    That's why I personally going with the TRUE Black, even though the Mega Shadow performs better by about 1 degree.

    It's worth noting that if you use 38mm fans then both the Mega Shadow and TRUE Black will cover the 6th RAM slot.

    And yes, you will need at least 1 120mm fan for the Mega Shadow and the TRUE Black - 2 of them in a push/pull setup if you want to overclock past 3.6GHz.
  19. so u say go for the true black rev c
    and will it still only be about 1 degree difference when i put 2 fans on the mega shadow and the true black?
  20. Yes, there's very little performance difference between the Mega Shadow/Megahalems and the TRUE Black/Ultra-120 Extreme so personally I'd go TRUE Black Rev C simply because of the clearance over the RAM and be slightly warmer.
  21. oke heres what im going to buy :P

    (srry broken link im fixing it)

    any comments?
    and should i buy a fan controller?
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