Getting HDMI and DVI from AT3600

Present Setup
Main Board - M3A78-EMH HDMI
Graphics Adapte (GA) - ATI Radeon 3600
with VGA, DVI and HDMI outputs

Monitor 1 Sanyo HDTV 18.5 " ( with VGA, HDMI , various AV inputs available )
Display 1 ( Selected manually on the SANYO) -- VGA from the GA

Display 2 ( Selected manually on the SANYO) - HDMI from the GA ( cloned)

Monitor 2 BenQ 22" ( with VGA and DVI input available)

Intended to Display? DVI from the GA

With the above setup I'm getting Video and Audio on the SANYO (both VGA and HDMI ) alright but no display on Monitor 2 which is connected to the ATI Radeon DVI output.

Why so ? Doesn't the fact that I get the HDMI signal mean that the DVI should be active as well. i.e - The HDMI may be just tapped off the DVI - as far as I know. (which is not much !!!)

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  1. Depends on the card. You see it can only output two displays at a time. Likely the VGA and DVI share the same output, so when you connect the VGA cable your DVI is disabled. The HDMI takes over output 1 as only the first output on Radeon cards outputs video, leaving output 2 for your other connections. It could be that the DVI and HDMI share output 1, in which case you would have to disconnect your HDMI cable to get the DVI to work but usually it's the former mentioned above :D.
  2. I agree.
    I imagine it tells you in your video card manual that you can only run two displays at a time.
  3. Thanks - looks like your both right - I can't do all three outputs from the ATI Radeon at the same time - only two. My assumption that the DVI was just tapped off the HDMI was wrong - because they have different qualities. i.e- different number of bits for colour.

    I've now got the VGA connected to the Benq 22" monitor and the HDMI going to the HDTV - which is an improvement from displaying it ( the VGA) on the HDTV as I was doing before. I'd prefer a DVI connection but I'll accept the VGA.

    Next step is to send the HDMI down to the 42" HDTV in the rec room - a distance of 30 ft. Hopefully two 24 SWG HDMI cables with a booster in between will do the trick. Anyone out there know whether there's such a thing as an HDMI splitter. It's not absolutely essential but it would allow me to monitor te HDMI from up here before it goes down there.
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