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I have an i5 750 on an gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4. Today I started haveing stability issues, when i went it to the BIOS to look at the settings i noticed that the CPU temperature was reading -34C. The individual cores all read about 30C.

Any ideas why this has happened?

I did update the BIOS a couple of days ago and installed a new cpu fan last week end, but as i said this has only just happened.

I'm guessing that the stability problems come from the fan not speeding up as the cpu heats up, due to the false negative reading. I've temporarily over come this by forcing the cpu fan to run at max.

Any ideas for a fix?

any help appreciated.
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  1. try rolling back the bios
  2. After posting i decided to take my heat sink off and have a look, some thermal grease had leaked off one side of the top of the chip (I guess i was a little heavy handed). after cleaning this up the normal temperatures are being displayed again.

    rolling back the BIOS was my next plan, but the new one seams to have fixed a "giant mouse bug" i was getting.
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