Difference between 32mb cache and 64mb cache hard disks

what is the difference between 32mb cache and 64mb cache hard disks?is the diference in speed large?if it is which is better?
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  1. The cache is just one part that determines the speed of the hard drive. The platter speed and density and the interface speed also play important roles.

    The question you must first answer is how are you going to use the disk, and what are all the other specs?
  2. Short answer: No noticeable difference.
  3. Agreed. The scenario where it would make a difference is pretty rare in normal usage.

    The specs you SHOULD be concerned with are:
    1) Transfer speed (I prefer SLOWER to be QUIETER for a secondary drive, such as the Western Digital GREEN hard drives). For the MAIN drive I prefer FASTER (SSD or Western Digital BLACK hard drive).

    2) Capacity

    3) Price

    I recommend most people have TWO drives:
    1) a faster, lower-capacity drive for WINDOWS (I have an SSD)
    2) a slower, higher-capactiy drive for Backups, Storage, Multimedia etc (highly recommend creating weekly or montly IMAGES of the main drive using a tool like Acronis True Image. A basic version is free if you have a Western Digital hard drive.)
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