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I installed my 5770 and it works great but neither speedfan nor Rivatuner are showing any Temp monitoring functions. Never used ATI (just upgraded from my 8800gt) and Im not sure what to do. I uninstalled nvidia drivers, then used driver cleaner then put my card in and installed latest catalyst drivers (didnt use disc it came with) am i missing anything?

Do these not work with this card or do i need to change some settings or something?
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  1. If you run a game and it doesn't crash everything should be working.

    You can try leaving your computer in idle for at least ten minutes, then start up a game while holding a piece of paper near the rear exhaust to see if it moves.

    I'm pretty certain that the fan control is hard-wired into the board and has absolutely nothing to do with any software. Their is a sensor near the GPU on your video card to detect heat and this sends a signal which controls your onboard fan. It should work pefectly unless your graphics card fails at which point it would be replaced.

    So, no worries.
  2. Also try GPU-Z and HWmonitor.
    You can also touch the heatsink and get a RAW estimate whether your card is overheating or not.
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