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I have been having a hell of a time with my onboard sound. When I go into device manager to check the devices there are no problems everything is working properly. But when I go into control panel to try to bring up the volume controls it says there is no audio device and everything thing is greyed out. I have tried updating drivers but I still recieve the no audio device. I think I am missing something in my sound video and game controller device manager.

This is what it looks like,

Sound, Video, & Game Controller
Audio Codec
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Media Control Devices
Video Codecs

I'm sure my audio device is Realtek AC'97 because I went into Bios to make sure it was enable.Shouldn't I see something that says Realtek audio codec or driver in the Sound controller Device manager?

Could it be that my Mobo is going bad? I say that because my usb2 and usb3 that are for extra usb from motherboard aren't working either.

I was also wondering what extactly are all these devices for thats listed under the sound video game controller?(Specifically?)

Thank You
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    it could be your mobo

    what mobo is it and how old is it?
  2. It Epox the Mobo model number is EP-8K9AI and it is 7 years old. I know it time for a new mobo but I wanted to see if I could fix it.

  3. Have you made sure you have the right driver?
  4. Yeah I went to Epox website and found the driver but I tried to download it but it like their server is not in service anymore or something. So I tried to download from some other sites but alot of them weren't drivers they were software that searches your hardware to see if it needs an updated driver.
  5. Well try and wait for the Epox website to start working or find your driver CD.
  6. Yeah that is my problem I found out the Epox doesn't make mobo anymore so I figured they don't have anymore support. And I never had a driver CD.
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