HD 5850 build - purely for gaming (inexpensive)

So another system for me. This one is for my coworker.

He already purchased the 5850 (i know, weird. Gfx card before the system). What he wants now is to build the cheapest system around the 5850, WHILE MAKING SURE THE 5850 WON'T BE HELD BACK. He doesn't want the system to bottleneck his 5850.

will buy: once satisfied with cost
Part preference: none (amd or intel, whichever is lower)
Store: any reputable store.
Will OC: maybe, if it's easy
crossfire: most likely no. but will upgrade to a single better card in the future, so maybe not to low on the mobo/cpu
Budget: lowest possible
Resolution: 1928x1080
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    Here goes...

    1. CPU + Mobo
    X3 720 + Gigabyte 770

    2. RAM
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

    3. HDD-
    F3 500GB

    4. CASE
    Antec 200

    5. PSU -
    10% off with promo code OZSAVEOCT, ends 11/1


    Total - $469 | $434 Includieng rebates...

    And certainly include this if your friend is interested in overclocking...
    Sunbeam CCTF

    Just make sure it will fit that case...
    Or get this case + PSU combo...
    CM690 - Would fit that cooler for sure...
  2. Hmm, a tad higher than what we expected. But looking through the parts, I don't see anything we can cut down.

    HDD is already at minimum (500gb)
    So is RAM at 4GB
    PSU and Case are already cheap
    That HSF, is that the same Sunbeam that's here on 2nd place?
    Seeing as how the Phenom x720 is already a generation behind (well compared to i5/i7), I don't see how we can lower that more.

    I guess he'll have to up his budget a bit. :)

    Good thing though is, the HDD,RAM,PSU,and Case are pretty much standard parts, so he can just chance cpu and mobo in the future.

    For $20 more he can have this
  3. Any other reputable online seller with good prices that's not based in cali?

    Newegg charges us ca tax which is almost 10%, and has 15% restocking fee. So we'd rather source as many of the parts out of newegg. Maybe amazon?
  4. *shameless bump*

    Mainly for alternate online retailer preferably non california based.
  5. ^ Check this thread...maybe you would get some options...

    And you can skip on the CPU cooler for now if he is tight on budget...With the stock HSF, you can overclock that CPU to 3GHz without any issues...

    And here is another option...
    x2 550 + 770

    But that combo from Fry's is just unbeatable...

    And do you have a Microcenter store in California ? You can get cheaper parts from there too...but mostly in-store pick-ups...
  6. We do have one in socal. It's in tustin, A good 40mins drive away.
  7. is it just me or is that fry's ad ridiculously cheap? how does the i5 stand up against the x3 720 or X4 955? and is that mobo respectable?
  8. ^ The i5 beats the x3 720 by a good margin and is faster than the 955...
    And that mobo is a very good one...but supports only Crossfire - No SLI support...
    But that deal is very good...
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