Please critique before I buy, ty!

I've been using the same rig for 4 years now and I'm making the big jump from windows xp to 7! I live in Yokohama, Japan and I'm going to be purchasing from custom builders that made my last system ( Mainly I will be using this system for hardcore gaming, some video rendering, and that's about it. I hate that my current Athlon 4200 can't run the best games even with a GTX 260 installed!

Check these specs, please critique, what am I missing?, what would you recommend? :

- i7 920 2.66GHz/FSB1333MHZ
- AsusTek P6T Deluxe V2 Intel X58
- PC8500 DDR3 2x3GB (They don't list which manufacturer)
- 1 TB Western Digital WD1001FALS (7200RPM)
- GeForce GTX 295
- 11-in-1 adapter kit
- SATA DVD R18x/R DL8x/RW8x/etc...
- Cooler Master CM690
- Seasonic SS-850EM 850W

- This rig goes for 179,120Y or about 1,800$ give or take a few. Is it a good deal? It doesn't come with Windows btw. Two big questions off the bat:

1. Should I spend an extra 160$ to go for a Blu-Ray R? I don't own a blu/ray player at the moment but do you anticipate me needing this 3 years from now?
2. The Seasonic is an extra 180$ over an Acbel 800W. Seeing as how I anticipated running my GTX 260 in SLI... I most definitely will be running the 295 in SLI further down the road once prices are super cheap.
3. What's your thoughts on this rig?
4. Is it future proof for the most part? Will the case/power supply run(fit) SLI several years down the road?
5. Should I spend 245$ extra to upgrade to i7 950?
6. What would you add/change?

--- I will also be attaching an X-Fi Titanium card in my current rig, using a brand new Raptor drive that died/was replaced but never reinstalled, and selling my GTX 260.

Please critique this and let me know if I'm missing out on a valuable upgrade or two. Thank you !

EDIT: My current rig is:

- X2 4200
- A8N32-SLI (motherboard stopped its lifecycle at the 4200, was never able to upgrade cpu)
- 2 GB Corsair Twin2048-3500LL
- GTX 260
- X-Fi Titanium
- DVDR 16x
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  1. The GTX 295 is not a good buy. 5870 is the better deal.

    1. Get a Blu-ray reader now if you want. wait on the burner until you actually need one, as prices are dropping all the time.

    2. Seasonic over Acbel, any time. The 850 will drive two 5870s when you upgrade.

    3. CM690 is a nice budget case... it doesn't quite fit with the rest of your build but it works. PC8500 is 1066 RAM. Slow for DDR3. You should be getting at least 1333Mhz CL7 RAM.

    4. As above.

    5. No.

    6. I would save a bunch and build my own. Provided prices are around the same over there, something I'm not too sure of...

    newegg prices, with a change to a better case (CM HAF), the 5870, and a Corsair 850HX instead, and better RAM, and a Blu-ray reader/DVD burner, and Windows 7 came to around 1800.00.

    So, I guess prices are decent there, but the build list needs to be changed a bit.
  2. I would suggest these changes -

    a. Get 6GB RAM kits(3x2GB kits) as they would utlize the Tri-Channel memory controller to the full extent...And make sure it had decent speed and timings...

    b. I would suggest you get the HD 5870 over the GTX 295 as the HD 5870 is newer, more powerful and supports DirectX this should last you longer...and it is cheaper than the GTX 295 and you wouldnt have to deal with SLI issues...
    Or wait for the HD 59xx series cards...

    c. Certainly I would go with Seasonic...Even a Corsiar 850TX would do...

    For your questions...
    1. Blueray players would go down in price as the day goes by...So when you really reqire it, then buy...

    2. Yes to Seasonic...But check out other options as well... - Corsair/ Silverstone/ PCP&S

    3. I had suggested the changes...

    4. Future-proof - I highly doubt you can future-proof a PC(What was hot 3 years back is a basic one today)

    5. No - The i7 920 is better bang for buck and you can overclock it easy to 3+GHz...

    6. See above...
  3. EDIT: Dint refresh before posting above comment...So some things would be repeated there too...
  4. Thanks for the great advice so far ! The CM HAF looks like I could park a car in there!

    Interesting points too on the video cards. I was thinking Nvidia because I had a bad experience with ATI before (an x800 before my current card) but I also appreciate both mentions on the 5870 over the 295. This really is a big issue as it's 2/7 cost of the total build.

    Any recommendations on which ram kits to go for?

    I was just browsing all of the prices on newegg, and it looks like I would save 400$ ordering everything direct. One thing I noted on newegg was the complaints about SLI in the P6T blocking SATA ports, any experience with this?

    How hard is it to put everything together in a new build? Attaching the cpu, fans, wiring... I'm good with computers but I've never built one.

    EDIT: Future proofing: I guess this is more geared towards the motherboard, will the current i7 boards 920,950,etc.... support future cpus? I've read that the 850's won't.
  5. ^ As for the RAM kits, here are few good ones...

    As for the SATA ports being blocked, I think it only applies to the 2 ports...check the pics...And even that can be easily solved by using this...Ever heard of SATA Straight to right angle cables ?

    And building your computer is a very good experience...Its not a tough task to build one...there are so many walkthroughs and guides available on the net...
    But be ready for debugging just in case any component comes DOA...That is the only problem I see...
  6. What do you guys think of these monitors?

    I'm currently using 2 17 inch's but they're both fairly dated... The Alienware model has an 80,000:1 contrast ratio, and 2ms refresh rate. Is it worth the price?
  7. Here's a new list of parts and the cheapest possible prices I could find ( How often do parts arrive dead? What are my chances of getting used or junky parts buying from random suppliers online? I'm thinking about purchasing everything and having someone build it while I learn, I've seen a few tutorials and I'd feel awful if I fried the motherboard/cpu in the first go.

    ¥26,800 - i7 920 2.66GHz/FSB1333MHZ
    ¥27,258 - AsusTek P6T Deluxe V2 Intel X58
    ¥16,969 - CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB)
    ¥9,156 - 1 TB Western Digital WD1001FALS (7200RPM)
    ¥46,950 - ATI 5870 (kicks Nvidia's ass)
    ? - 11-in-1 card reader
    ? - SATA DVD R18x/R DL8x/RW8x/etc...
    ¥19,040 - CM HAF (HAF 922 RC-922M-KWN1-GP)
    ¥23,967 - Corsair 850HX 850W

    This is at 170,000Y or so... I have room for another 30,000Y (around 300$) w/o the OS if anyone would like to help me with a compatible upgrade or something else to add (no bluray writers).

    - Any thoughts on the Rampage motherboard? Is the P6T on the higher end?
  8. As for the monitor, its overpriced and commands a good price premium for the Alienware brand name...

    The Rampage mobo is a very good option if you are going to overclock extreme but if you want to say might overclock to 3.6-3.8GHz, the P6T would suffice...

    And if you have extra cash, maybe a SSD ? But just make sure that its performance warrants the price premium that it commands...
    As for parts arriving DOA, with high quality manufacturers, its very unlikely...
  9. Ahh a very smart buyer asking for tips before spending a small fortune. I will have to say make sure to get a good heat sink for your CPU, and make sure to get plenty of air flow (you might have do deal with a little sound issues). I have to agree with the ATi CPU curently, but if you are willing to wait nVidia might release their 3xx cards. Im sure they will be a little faster then even the 59xx from ATi for a large chunck of money. ( I have to say that because Im a ATi fan after 3 nVidia cards fried themselves within 6 months.) The 2 computers I have built with the P6T I got the CPU upto 3.8 but I had to disable its turbo boost. 3.6 with turbo boost was faster and alot cooler. I will not condone SSDs yet for long term use, they seem to fade in performance. As for the monitor I am a fan of Hanns.
    Good luck and happy Pwnage.
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