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hello everyone i thinking about going water for the first time but ive got some concerns about what is the best to use and what is required. im tryign to get a good system for around 200. please any help/ advice would be great.

i ahve a gigabyte ud4ph am3.

cpu amd phenom 2 720 overclocked to 3.6

i have the coolermaster hyper z600r

gpu asus dark knight 4870 1gb

2 gigs of gskill ram

i have the armour + case

please if you need to know anythign else let me know.

my main concern is the video card because idk how ti should be set up and if you have any advice in gernal about the loop r anything feel free to say it. my temps if i remmeber correckly were around 40c and below at 100 load i cant really giv eyou much temp info at the moment becaus emy board died on me over the weekend :pfff:

thanks everyone
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  1. There's a HUGE watercooling section on this forum with loads of guides. You should really be over there!
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    just order a danger den kit. around $220.00 bucks for the basic one with double 120 rad. good jumping off point. i just installed my first water cooling system this week. got a danger den kit for a great price and it works great. great thing about it is you can add rads and gpu blocks later if you want. the laing pump will handle a big loop.
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