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I have a seagate momentus 5400.6 with case to convert to USB hard drive but can not get my computer to recognise the drive is there as an external drive it appears on list of drives available but am not able to access the device.
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  1. How is this drive partitioned, any idea? is the drive of IDE or SATA interface? When you go the computer management console what comes up? Is the drive initialized? and does it have an allocated partition? is there data on this drive that you require or can it be formatted? Also what OS are you using.
  2. No idea of the partition nor IDE/SATA interface. The only thing in devmgmt is "unknown device", also saying that "Device driver software was not successfully installed"(though Seagates 500GB external drives doesn´t have drivers separatelly, i.e they use plug`n`play) No allocated partiton is showing( and yes, I have tried several different computers) Would care to format too, just to get it working somehow. Aaaaand Windows 7. :) I know I am not the original poster, but I´ve been struggeling with this for ages and really could appreciate some help.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. Mechanicalic - have you been able to resolve this issue? Have you found a driver that allows you to use this hard drive?
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