Need a good 120mm fan for push/pull

Hey guys. I've been looking around a while now for a good 120mm fan.
I don't know what to look for in a fan while doing a push/pull.
I don't want it to be too loud but still move quite a bit of air.
I am willing to go to around $20 per fan.

I will have 6 in a push/pull config on a XSPC RX360

I will have 1 in a pull config on a XSPC RX120

Also, I was hoping that they could be white.
If not, then blue.
If neither, then black.

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  1. Xigmatek makes fans that are near silent (under 20dBA) but still push ~60CFMs. Only $10/fan and come in a variety of colors with/without LEDs. They're listed on newegg.
  2. Try EnermaX and Noctua too ( Don't know the price but they both make good quality fans )
  3. The Silverstone AP.

    They were on the top of the recommended fan list on the cooling fan roundup found on the sticky threads.
  4. check out Cougar Vortex CF-12HP 120MM fans, these fans are whisper quite and push a surprisingly large amount of air. I just recently installed these fans on my Antec 920 for push/pull. Newegg sells them from $17.00 a piece.
  5. cougar fans are insanely quiet and push a lot of air.check them out
  6. Thanks for the replies.
    Gonna start reading reviews on these fans now.
    And at first I was gonna get the cougar fans, but I heard people saying that they make some really annoying noise when placed horizontally.
  7. The Cougar brand is really HEC. I don't know who makes their fans, but I would expect them to be lower quality like the rest of their products are.
  8. ^nopes!!
    Handy little guide here, I have the Blue wing 120's and they are pretty quiet on fullblast though an RX240 (External mount as well :P)
  10. Best push (intake/pushing into radiator) = Silverstone AP

    best pull (exhaust/pulling out of radiator) = anything that moves alot of air.

    I prefer silverstones Ap line because they do not disperse air in all directions. There are fans that push more air but directional wise are all over the place.
  11. Thanks for the help guys.
    I'm gonna go with the APs
  12. Hi ya'll, I was looking at doing basically the same thing (on an XSPC Raystorm EX360) with just pull config, any idea what fan would be best? I was hoping white led.
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