HAF 922 - USB3.0 ?

Hello :)
I'm choosing HAF 922 over the Antec Nine Hundred, - I hope thats a good thing ^^
- I'm getting a Gigabyte motherboard that supports USB3.0, ..
But when I look at the case specs it says USB2.0 .. So the newb question is: what will happen? :P
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  1. Are the USB headers on the motherboard USB3 or just the 2 or so inputs on the back plate? I think only the 2 different colored usb inputs run at USB3 and all the other ones run at USB2, and would assume....that the usb headers that the case would be hooked in to would run at USB2 also.

    So in the end, nothing different will happen. Just have to plug your USB3 device into the back of your computer instead of the front. :)
  2. Okay, thats what I assumed .. Thanks :)
    - Is the USB3.0 motherboard worth 40$? :) .. compared to USB2.0.. :)
  3. That MB also has the new sata 6 ports, those drive are very expensive now more so than a SSD drive but prices will come down, I also believe that board is guaranteed to support the new 6 core cpu's Intel is coming out with.
    I ordered a Asus one that has usb 3.0 and sata 6 too, a video at tiger direct said that it was guaranteed to support the new cpu.
    So in short yes it is kinda future proof but nothing in the PC hardware really is.
  4. Also the transfer rates on usb 3.0 in supposed to be a big step forward to what we have but I don't no of any hardware that like mice or printers that us it yet.
  5. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0. Your USB port on the HAF 922 will operate at USB 2.0 data transfer rates.

    SATA 6 is also backwards compatible.

    Not much of anything is going to happen until USB 3.0 devices and SATA 6 drives become readily available and affordable.
  6. Well.. Thats good and bad news (:
    I didnt think that the motherboard was future proof :) .. I'll dig into that, thanks for the hint, - I thought that the best CPU would be i7 860.. But it sounds great that it maybe will get 6-core support :)
    Well, I've ordered it.. I thought it was stupid not to at 40$ :)
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